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The real Trump does not come out right in the book!

I have posted on this blog at least 50 posts very critical of President Donald Trump. I did not mince my words. Against that backdrop you should look at this post in which I will make mincemeat of what’s leaked from the new “tell-all” accusations of his “unfitness for office.”

I will deconstruct the book, one accusation after the other:

DUMB. The man is a genius. He sees things quickly and in simple terms because he’s so smart. So he’s never developed any patience. When you’re rich and smart, you don’t need to. He’s not an intellectual, enjoying word games or theories. He’s a man of practicalities.

ILLITERATE. He didn’t even spent the time to learn to read with any speed. Goes too slow for him. Gimme a few sound bites instead.

DIFFICULT to work with. Difficult doesn’t start to describe it. He wants things be done well, his way. He can be very nice when he doesn’t forget. He’s not a monster, most of the time, but he is very busy.

CRAZY. Even if he’d be mentally abnormal, that doesn’t mean: unfit for office, as says a new book. But this aside from: there is no sign that Trump is mentally ill.

NARCISSIST. How arrogant of psychiatrists who judge him from a distance and “know” that this is a dangerous self-lover. He’s running a four-year reelection campaign. Hillary Clinton lost the race because of laziness. That won’t happen to him. So, he doesn’t have an ego problem: he’s advertising and bragging.

DELUSIONAL. He brags about accomplishments that are not his. It’s called advertising. Most politicians don’t win on humbleness.

REPETITIVE. Smart people talk to themselves to get their stories straight. When you’re also rich, you can talk to others, instead.

RECOGNITION. He fails to recognize old friends. He’d like to sleep with friends’ wives. Which of the two is it? He only doesn’t make out men?

STUBBORN. Why should he listen to others with proven mistake records? Everyone who assumed he’d lose included.

LACKS RESTRAINT. That’s a very subjective view. What if he doesn’t want to exercise self-control?

SLURRED SPEECH. Clearly, his dentures got unglued, not his brain.

LOW CLASS. That’s what wins him the working class vote. And he’s very comfortable playing a working class guy who made it.

LIAR. He’s a business man who wants good results. Being honest or not are tools for him. In political circles almost everyone lies and pretends almost all the time. Be he gets singled out for it.

INCOHERENT. He says things that cannot be reconciled. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t know that. He can play good cop / bad cop on his own.

TAKES IT PERSONALLY. He attacks people who attack him. He dislikes criticism and attacks back. That’s not necessarily dysfunction. It could be style, rather than unfitness. He nor his base like him to look a wimp.

He sleep only a few hours a day. He eats simple meals. He does not drink alcohol, coffee or other junk. He’s remarkably fit for a 70-year old.

He’ll win again because the rest of the pack is simply too lazy and stupid.

So, is Michael Wolff’s book plainly a work of fiction? I wouldn’t call it like that. The author is subjective, but takes his interpretations for the only possible analyses, and then says: This is the truth. And he exaggerates; it can’t be that everyone around the president believes he’s unfit, when we see the group escorting and matching him at his latest press conference. (Yes, they’re lying through their teeth — that’s politics. But they’re not merely pretending that the US president is fit for office.)

The one who must be dishonest is back-stabber Steve Bannon. One who is dishonest enough to back-stab his old friend, his words should not be believed. Lies in the book must be from people quoted (chiefly Bannon.)

His voter base’s loyalty is strengthened by all the criticism.

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