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The right says oy oy oy

The Meretz party candidate says, don't worry, it's not foreign money that wants to topple the Likud -- it's us

The Israeli right is utterly shocked: There are some people who actually want to change the government. Through elections. “Money is being used to topple a government,” whined Likud members at the embarrassing press conference they held Sunday against the organization v15. “Foreign forces are criminally intervening.” To me that sounds like, oy oy oy.

Bibi is setting a whole new standard for the meaning of chutzpah.

When the possessor of an American fortune has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the distribution of a free newspaper that serves as the Prime Minister’s mouthpiece (as long as he’s from the Likud), it’s not considered foreign intervention;

When a wealthy Chabadnik funds a huge campaign under the slogan, “Bibi, good for the Jews,” it’s legitimate;

When there’s not one single Israeli on the Prime Minister’s list of fictitious donors for the elections — that’s fine;

But when the world also contains leftwing Jews — that’s criminal foreign intervention!

Yesha Council, My Israel, Im Tirzu — all these political organizations are funded with the purpose of fomenting public opinion that will hound leftists by limiting freedom of expression through fear and intimidation. A court ruling against the Yesha Council found it to have used public funds for political purposes. Moreover, it found that Im Tirzu, which received money from anti-Semitic evangelists, has fascist characteristics.

Not to mention the Shalem Institute, Elad, Ateret Cohanim, Honenu, and countless foreign-funded bodies that work to try to change the reality here, and not for the better.

This is not the case with v15. Netanyahu’s lame spin is designed to divert the discussion on the situation in Israel from the cost of living, the national mess, another Prime Minister’s household affair, Bibi Tours, and the bottle farce.

When times are tough in Netanyahu’s office, they return to their good old method: incitement against the left.

So dear Bibi, we have news for you: We’re tired of you. It’s not foreign bodies, it’s us. The government wasn’t granted to you forever, and only in a dictatorship is a legitimate struggle to change governance considered criminal. Here, in a democratic country, elections are neither a putsch nor an attempt to oust, they’re just a struggle to make this a better place. See you at the polls on March 17.

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Tamar Zandberg is a member of Knesset in the Meretz party.
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