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The “Right To Exist”

In 1999 the Nigerian military entered the town of Odi in the south south and massacred 2500 innocent civilians, their excuse was that they had been provoked.

In 2002 riots and massacres broke out in the northern part of Nigeria, churches were burned down, Christians were killed and hundreds were displaced because someone made a joke about Muhammed.

In 2013 there was a massacre in Baga, a city in Borno state Nigeria, the circumstances remain unclear till this day.

More recently, the army engaged in wholesale massacre of Shia muslims in the town of Zaria  Kaduna state. They said the Shias blocked the road.

I could go on and on listing atrocities sanctioned by the political class which have taken place here in Nigeria. But we don’t have all day.

Since inception, the armed forces of Nigeria including the police has engaged in a systematic subjugation of the entire Nigerian populace and the slightest perceived infractions are met with humiliating punishments and physical assaults and this happens almost on a daily basis.

Maybe Nigeria doesnt have a right to exist? maybe we are just an illegitimate country that just specializes in abusing the rights of our minorities, maybe  we should be wiped off the map to reduce Human rights violations in the world even if its just by an inch.

Yet as far as i know, nobody, group of bodies or countries has ever challenged the “right of Nigeria to exist as a nation” in fact the very notion that anybody would do that is extremely hilarious to the point of being ridiculous.

Why then is it that each time Netanyahu sneezes, Israel Haters point to that as another reason why Israel shouldn’t exist.

I think the greatest victory the Arabs ever won in the Israel-Arab Conflict was dragging Israels so called “Right to exist” to the front as a legitimate topic up for discussion , and they win this victory everyday when Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel engage them in conversation trying their darnedest to explain why truly truly, Israel has a right to exist.

Nobody is even debating ISIS “Right to exist” they are just considered an enemy because well, they have pitted themselves against the whole world.

No country has a “Right to exist”. That is just a meaningless argument. Once the country comes into being whether by force, or by peaceful means, anybody who has a problem with the country existing can go to war with the said country, if you can successfully defeat the country (illegitimate in your view) you have gotten your wish, if you are defeated you should also be sensible enough to receive whatever is coming to you as someone that went to war with a sovereign country.

The start of many countries on earth is not a pretty story, but somehow the only country that has to spend literally everyday defending its “Right to exist” is the State Of Israel.  Some people say it is because of the occupation , but Russia currently occupies the Crimea, Turkey occupies Cyprus, China Occupies Tibet, Armenia Occupies Nargono-Karabakh,Morocco occupies Western Sahara and none of their  “Right to exist” has been challenged by anyone.

Others say it is because the Jews are completely foreign to Palestine and just came in as foreign invaders to take the land from the “rightful indigenous people” this is also a lark seeing as the entire world is full of people who are where some other people used to be, they came in, pushed the native inhabitants off and established themselves there. It seems to be the natural order of things, the strong prevail. Ask the Circassians what happened to their own homeland.

So why exactly does it excite people to settle down and discuss Israels right to exist no matter what side you are arguing for? Its like they are saying “be a good little Jewish but not so Jewish state and we will reward you with a  right to exist” One Right to exist coming up!

I think the reason Arabs love this argument is because it distracts from the real argument that should be made, the right of Arabs to be in Palestine, how, when and why they got there because i have a sneaky suspicion that that argument when supported by facts will not go so great for them.

Every other day new proof that the Jews are indigenous to Palestine turns up at every corner of the holy land where archaeology is allowed. Imagine what could turn up if digging is allowed in the West Bank areas controlled by the PA.

This right to exist argument does more harm to the citizens of Israel than they know, don’t fall for the trap, don’t defend Israels “Right to Exist” because nobody really cares.

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