The rise of Instagram influencers in Israel

Nowadays, becoming an Instagram influencer can help you gain fame and wealth just with the simple act of posting videos and photos on your Instagram account.  From fashion influencers and food bloggers to models, singers, and fitness stars, they all open Instagram accounts and snap great photos and create quality content which they share with their followers. Read below why Instagram influencers are on the rise in Israel.

Israelis are world’s top users of social media

According to a recent study, Israelis are the world leaders in social media use, with 77 percent of adults using social media platforms on a daily basis. They use social media to connect and socialize with their family members and friends and to get inspired by the most famous influencers online. Moreover, in terms of smartphone ownership, the study shows that 88% of the population owns a smartphone. Another study has found that there were approximately 3,605,000 Instagram users in Israel which accounted for 41.8% of its entire population with a slight majority of them being women.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Israelis Instagram influencers are on the rise producing fantastic content in a range of areas.

Instagram has quickly become one of the most successful tools for gaining worldwide fame. Instagram influencers are seen today as the idols of the millennials. Moreover, they are also considered to be the main hope of marketing. Influencers are individuals who build up a large following on a platform such as Instagram around a specific niche such as makeup or beauty tutorials, travel, or fashion.

Israel’s rising Instagram stars

The Instagram influencers in Israel are split up into popular categories such as fashion, lifestyle, photography, travel, and makeup. They combine tons of selfies, photos, and posts filled with personal style in their everyday life and offer fashion, beauty, nutrition, and travel advice to their followers.

Social media platforms such as Instagram are also good for business in Israel. The influencers gather thousands of followers who closely follow their everyday life choices and experiences. That is why their advice seems to be more genuine to the public, so companies from all over the world work with influencers to promote their products or services.

In the last couples of years, we have seen more and more people who turn their daily lives into something worth watching and something worth paying for. So, if you have ever considered becoming an Instagram Influencer yourself, now it is the perfect time to buy Instagram likes and get your career started. Not only that only by documenting your day-to-day life, you can gain great amounts of money, but you will also be able to gain fame and share your own experiences and perspectives with all your followers.

Since Israelis are clinging to their smartphones and spend on average a shocking 11 hours per day on social networks, there are a lot of Instagram rising stars and more and more people decide to gain fame among the Israelis as influencers.

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