The Rise Of Online Shopping In Israel

Just like any other country in the world, the cost of living is increasing over here in Israel. According to the Taub Center’s “State of the Nation Report 2017,” it had stated that while wages are growing steadily in Israel, the cost of living is among the highest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (which is around twenty-two percent higher than the average of all countries). Due to the high cost of living, many Israelis are now doing their shopping online to compare prices and save money.

In 2017, Israelis purchased around two online orders every second, which is up fifteen percent from 2016. In total, Israelis bought 61 million packages, with vitamins, gadgets, shoes, clothing, homeware, cosmetics, and accessories among the most commonly purchased items.

In regards to which areas completed the most online shopping, it was the town of Karmiel, who had an average of 3.4 packages each year per individual, which totals 163,000 package deliveries. Professionals and experts believe that this trend of online shopping is set to grow in the future. According to TASC, who offer strategic counseling, they estimate that online shopping in Israel will at least double by the year 2020 and reach more than 15 billion shekels in value a year.

Now that there are more Israelis purchasing products online, has been signaling its interest in offering its online marketplace in Israel. This opportunity would allow Israelis to buy any product they may want directly through Amazon. There is even a rumor that the company was recently in negotiations to rent a significant amount of storage space in Israel to provide products to the local market. Amazon has been asking Israelis about their shopping habits, including how often they shop and which websites they frequently visit. They even implemented the same strategy in Australia a few months before launching its commercial operations in the country.

With Amazon possibly opening a storage facility here in Israel, shipping prices will come down which will encourage further online spending. Right now, Amazon products reach Israel by way of the UK, Germany or the US, which means more prolonged and more expensive shipping.

Of course, online shopping is not completed on Amazon alone. Customers can purchase on other retail websites, and from smaller business’s e-commerce stores. Many consumers use a Google search to learn more about the product they are looking to purchase or to compare pricing and features between products and retailers. These e-commerce stores are now hiring an affordable SEO agency to help their website get ranked higher on Google. When customers are searching for products to buy on Google, it is essential that your site is on the first page of Google because most people do not visit the second page of search results on Google.

In conclusion, online shopping is projected to grow tremendously in Israel in the next few years. Online shopping is convenient, it can save us money, and it can save us time. With or without’s Amazon’s expansion into Israel, online shopping is growing tremendously in Israel, as it is growing all over the world.

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