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The Salad Stealer!

Food is supposed to be universal. Food is supposed to cross every and all borders. Names mean nothing…usually, unless a Jewish girl from New York makes a recipe with “Israeli” salad. Then, because of a defensive war in Gaza, she is attacked online. is written by a dear friend of mine, Melinda Strauss. Her recipes are Kosher, healthy and, frankly, Amazing! So when she posted a recipes for “Israeli Salad Ceviche,” she thought nothing of it.

She then saw this picture:

Israeli Salad

See what the proud “Anti-Zionist” did there? Standing in defiance of the “Occupying Powers,” she crossed out Israeli. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked for Arabic or Palestinian salad?

I digress. Melinda then asks for her to take it down and receives a “blistering” social and political commentary:

Monsters call me mama

With a veiled threat from the original posting and a strongly worded text message, this person stood up for Palestine and Gaza.

I don’t post these pictures to have the readers troll the anti-Zionist’s website, if anything, visit for support. I post these pictures to show myself that we live in a crazy world where even food can’t bridge gaps between good and evil. It is politicized and polarized.

A few years ago, when writing for Supporting Our Israel, I wrote a post discussing Israel’s lack of PR, I wrote an article titled Lop Sided Enjoyment. To be frank, I don’t recall what the title meant, but I do remember calling on Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain, two amazingly talented chefs turned food tour guides, to come to Israel. Since 2011, only Anthony Bourdain has come. His visit to Israel was lack-luster at best, but he came. He tried to keep it as non-political as possible. This was a great breakthrough in my eyes. Anthony Bourdain finding his way to Israel not only followed the footsteps of many a highly regarded tourist, but paved the way for a new generation of Israeli Public Relations wins.

As the Israeli military is fighting in Gaza, it is incumbent on us to see to it that we fight the bias. If it means facing a fool who stole your picture and crossed the word “Israeli” out, so be it. If it means writing to your local government official to voice their support for Israel, by all means. Supporting Israel, wherever in the world, is our duty. We can’t all merit being in the IDF, but we can certainly stand up to evil. To think we can bridge the divide between good and evil is silly. Evil must be eradicated for the world to live in harmony. We can then eat some delicious Israeli Salad Ceviche when we’re done.


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Simon Springer is a strong pro-Israel advocate. He has blogged for, and is the proud owner of and Dateline: Israel on Facebook/ @DatelineIsrael on Twitter. When he is not reading incessantly about Israel, he works in the Kosher Food Business, reads voraciously, and is married with two beautiful daughters.
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