Elaine Rosenberg Miller

The Schechina

“And Isaac brought her to the tent of Sarah his mother, and he took Rebecca, and she became his wife, and he loved her. And Isaac was comforted for [the loss of] his mother.” (Genesis 24:67)

The midrash teaches us that when Rebecca moved into Sarah’s tent, it was filled with a radiant spirit signifying the return of God’s presence (the schechina) for the first time since the matriarch had died.

The schechina, we learn, only manifests its presence when the soul is surfeit with faith and joy.

We are living in the state of odd calm resembling the passage of the eye of a hurricane when the screaming winds and blinding rain abate while the storm reverses direction and nature’s onslaught begins again.

October 7th has taught us a lesson.

It was never the land or the militaristic, nihilistic nature of Israel’s neighbors and critics that were the cause of multiple wars since 1947. It was their irremediable hatred of Jews.

Gone are the days that leftists can attack Israel, its people and government and blithely declare “It’s for Israel’s own good.

The American political left has been slow to get the reality on the ground.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accused Israel of “genocide”.

One would think a self-professed member of an indigenous group would hesitate accusing members of an actual indigenous group of committing a factually unsupported homicidal act.

And then there is AOC who has 13 million Twitter followers.

She also used the “g” word.

How does one explain people of Jewish descent who use their moment in the spotlight such as the Oscars to demonize Israel?”As a Jew”, they begin, thinking their birth gives them immunity from the consequences of their attacks.

One can’t.

Instead of empathizing with Israel which has lost thousands of civilians and solders over the years, they identify with Yasser Arafat and the Soviet Union’s cannily crafted “Palestinian” movement. Maybe it was the checkered scarves.

The sages teach us that thousands of Hebrews chose to remain behind as slaves in Egypt during the deliverance.

What did they think when they heard of all God had done for the Jewish people in the desert?

Some, like Jethro, the Midianite priest and father of Zippora, Moshe’s wife, rushed to join them.

Others probably justified their rejection of freedom

Modern Israel is a sovereign nation residing on land which has belonged to the Jewish people for millennia.

Others may have occupied it but they were sojourners.

Jews are the owners.

And like rightful owners, they will fight to protect what God has given them and for which what they have endeavored and sacrificed.

The Warrens, the AOCs, the 151 entertainment elite who ratified the Academy winner’s Israel demonization, will come and go.

There will be Shabbats, festivals, weddings and births in Israel as there have always been and like the dwelling of Rebbeca and Isaac, the light will shine from within, illuminating all those around them.

About the Author
Elaine Rosenberg Miller writes fiction and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous print publications and online sites, domestically and abroad, including JUDISCHE RUNDSCHAU, THE BANGALORE REVIEW, THE FORWARD, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE JEWISH PRESS. Her books,, FISHING IN THE INTERCOASTAL AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, THE CHINESE JEW. THE TRUST and PALMBEACHTOWN are available on Amazon and Kindle.