The secret lives of calendars.


The secret lives of calendars.


ELUL 2. Just one day ago the crisp shrill staccato of the first sounding of the Shofar, jolts the days of the month out of their languid reverie. Quickly, they assemble and proceed efficiently, to their designated boxes in the calendar. The seemingly facile ease in which they maneuver into position, effectively conceals the turmoil, swirling furiously just beneath the deceptively calm surface.

The resentment tinged anxiety is always the same. Lack of control. “Its anyone’s guess what can happen during my time,” says the day.

Perhaps we souls, are subconsciously picking up on those vibes, as our own angst unfolds – we too take up our positions in those same boxes with our uncertainties – “What will this day bring”

“Bring!” – the day screams out, struggling beneath the heaviness of the lost souls “ I don’t do the bringing – I wish!” “ You’re the one with the power here, you hold the keys not me!”

The prayerful angst of the day – its lifelong dread of simply being another day versus its dream of being a grand-day graced with beauty, and endowed with purpose, does not go unheard.

This message in a bottle floats tentatively, into the narrow opening of the Shofar, thrust unceremoniously, into its dark narrow canal, huddling with anticipation, like paratroopers before a jump, amongst the unsounded equally jittery notes.

A sudden burst of air, and this curious amalgam of hope and noise is quickly released, thrust outward, the prayer instantly borne aloft on the wings of the melancholy yet ultimately hopeful sounds. The sounding of both the Shavarim brokeness, as well as the triumphant Tekiah sounds, become the seeds of renewal planted into the fertile eagerness of exhausted souls, themselves, eager for a scrap of redemption.

Eager to live better and higher.
Eager to love more and laugh more.
Eager to embrace hope even amidst seeming hopelessness.
Eager to sing and dance through life.



About the Author
Rabbi Yossi Lipsker is the co-founder and executive Director of Chabad of the North Shore and spiritual leader of the Chabad Community Shul. He can be reached at