The Self-Indulgent

My distinguished editor-in-chief, David Horovitz, is a master of the spoken and written English word. There is nothing I could say or publish that could even come close to his brilliance.

In his recent Op-Ed he describes our present national and disgraceful position as “intolerable” but he does not point to answers or solutions. He merely decries the major participants as “self-indulgent”, putting themselves and their personal political views before the interests of the State.

By the time this article is published we will be ready to hear the set date for a third election. Our government has collapsed and died.

Would things have improved had Avigdor Liberman been elected prime-minister? He, at least, would know how to deal with the religious zealot parties and would succeed in putting them in place. “Either adhere to the IDF enlistment regulations for male orthodox young men or forfeit all government aid and assistance to your yeshivot”.

He could say it and they would be forced into a compromise, something which is alien to their religious habits.

The internal enemy remains the leader of the Likud party. He is unable to relinquish his seat of power or his sole authority over views which differ from his own.

His opponent, Benny Gantz, can concede several things but he mainly objects to sitting in a government whose leader is ready to be indicted, tried and possibly imprisoned.

We have never been in such an intolerable situation with no immediate healing remedy in sight.

One unpopular suggestion is, that without surrendering our independence, Israel could apply for membership in the Commonwealth of Nations. Like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other member countries, as a member of the British commonwealth we are assured of national security. Any attack upon one member of the commonwealth will be met with the joint forces of other members.

It is not as though we were inviting a British mandate to return. Such a tragic thing could never happen again. But as an independent member of a large commonwealth of like-minded leaders of democratic states, we could flourish without fear of insufficient security from Arab atrocities.

I can agree with David Horovitz’s statements because, like him, I find our situation intolerable. And like him, I have no easy answers. Not a living soul does either.

We must, like King Saul, go to the witch of En-Dor to conjure up the ghosts of our past to implore for their wise advice and guidance. But because of his action, Saul lost his crown forever. He did not heed the advice of God.

Now it is the right time for our prime-minister to lose his crown forever. He has served us well for many years and has failed us in recent years. He is a “king” who must now relinquish his throne and abdicate.

His racist remarks and his criticism in violent rhetoric against the Arab members of our Knesset are absolutely unforgivable.

In an editorial response in The Jerusalem Post, the editor slams Netanyahu for his smear campaign against the Arab members and declares strongly that “ when it seemed like it could not get any worse, this week was one of the ugliest shows in Israeli history”.

Netanyahu must be obligated by decent members of the Knesset (if there are any left) to make a public apology to the members of the Arab Joint List.

If the Jewish Knesset members keep their silence in the face of this travesty of lack of human decency and dignity they will be marked with the sign of Cain, a sign which Netanyahu shamefully wears on his forehead.

Heated and hateful words have led to political assassinations in the past. God save us from another one.

Fortunately our just and honorable President Rivlin has officially and publicly condemned the prime-minister’s hateful words of incitement, reminding him that 20% of our population consists of Arab Christian and Muslim citizens whose elected officials in our Knesset have the right of speech to decry Israel’s mistreatment of its Arab population.

And mistreatment is hardly the correct word.

Netanyahu would throw them all out of the country if he could . His hatred of them is his racist disease which he shares with his malevolent older son, Yair.

He no longer deserves to be a prime-minister who serves only the 80% Jewish population of a mixed country. We demand a leader who serves faithfully 100% of our people… of all our citizens.

His accused crimes of fraud, breach of trust and bribery and his deceit to the elected members of government and to us, the citizens of Israel, is unforgiveable. He must be un-elected and forced out of his now undeserved leadership. Autocracy and egoism are contagious diseases. We must be vaccinated against them.

In the Jewish religion there are two prayers which Jews recite in troubled times.

The first prayer, “Mi She-Bairach”, is made for the ill for whose speedy recovery we implore God to heal.

The second prayer, the “Mourners’ Kaddish” we recite after the death of a member of our family.

The first prayer has failed to work. We have not been healed. We have been neglected and deceived.

It is time to recite the second prayer for the death of a once decent democratic nation which is no longer decent nor democratic.

Please join with me in its recitation. “Yitgadal v’yitkadash Shmai raba….”

May we see a rebirth of freedom, justice, righteousness, respect and truth with a new government.

Soon ! B’karov u’b’yomainu. Amen.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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