The Shame of Europe and the Palestinians

All across American college campuses the vile blood libel of so-called “Israel Apartheid Week” has once again made a mockery of rational thought within US political discourse. Anti-Israel sentiment approaches fever pitch during this spring festival of leftist propaganda merged casually with Islamist anti-Semitism. It is as if the dysfunctional Islamic Middle East and its totalitarian politics paled in the face of Israel’s “crimes” against the “poor suffering” Palestinian people. Israel and the Jewish people are portrayed — by these neo-Nazi progeny of the European colonizers of the so-called “new world” — as worse than any regime on earth.

Go back to Europe (if you feel such personal and historical contempt for your political heritage), you 20-year old settlers of New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Your disgusting hypocrisy is an affront to all of civilization. Who are you to judge the morality of Middle East geopolitics and place a special onus on the history of the Jews? You spout European hate under the guise of American free speech. But you stink of class-based privilege. These so-called universities of yours are filled with mostly the children of affluence and institutional racism as practiced by your forefathers (as you define them) for the past four centuries.

Blaming the Jews is as old as Europe itself, and it is as European anti-Semites that your true essence is revealed. You feel such guilt and contempt for your own European historical antecedents that you are completely unable to live with yourself. So you blame Israel for “colonizing” the lands of the Third World, as if the Jews were anything other than a despised and persecuted remnant of Roman oppression under the yoke of European murder and rape. You are unaware that this has been the Jewish geopolitical experience through two thousand years of time. But you 20-year-old neo-Nazis attempt to appear as so worldly-wise.

Where is your deed to the lands where you now reside? Is it not with the guns that you now detest through your contempt for violence? Or is the deed somewhere else? When the genocidal, racist and misogynistic Pilgrims (as you describe them) entered the native lands of others (as you describe it), they raised the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament as their deed! It was the vital religious nature of the Protestant revolution which indeed created America. Isn’t this what bothers you the most? Religion (and especially Christianity) is what all Marxists have contempt for. You are disgusted by your own European past, so who do you blame? Of course, you blame the Jews!

So typical, so common, so completely contemptible is your behavior — the fact that it so neatly corresponds with the 1930s behavior of Europe — that only the psychotherapy of the Jungian collective unconscious could possibly explain it. To hear you say it, Israel is worse than ISIS or Islamic Iran or even Nazi Germany. You say Israel must not exist as a Jewish state because the Jews are a European foreign entity transplanted into the Middle East by an evil imperialist epoch. If this were true, it would be as if European anti-Semitism never existed.

Is the European Holocaust merely a figment of our imagination? Or is our genocide less significant than the real European colonization which was perpetrated by actual European nation-states? You just won’t allow yourself to understand; the Jews are Western civilization’s oldest persecuted people. Is it because you perceive us as “white people” that our history is diminished in your eyes? In other words, Israel has become your mirror image, and the very racism that you detest within your own history must have a psychological outlet to release your guilt. Israel has now become such an outlet, the new “white scapegoat” for Marxist European guilt. Tell that lie to the brown and black majority of Israelis now “occupying” their ancient homeland.

Such trivial lunacy is the heir of an ideology of authoritarian religious intolerance fused with the certainty of historical determinism outside the scope of genuine truth or justice. The basic truth is that the Jews were never a white-European people. The very nature of the last 2000 years of Jewish history has been the inability of the Jewish male to defend his family from the ravages of European criminal violence (murder and rape). The historic Jews of the Middle East were never “white people”. It was the perpetual rape of Jewish women by males outside our community which eventually altered the racial characteristics of European Jewry. Since the dispersal of Jews from their ancient homeland, their fate has been that of an unarmed people without the means or territory to defend themselves.

Modern Israel was never conquered. It was liberated. Israel is not an apartheid state; it is a successful national liberation movement that has legitimacy both in international law and the religious doctrine of all three monotheistic religions. Even the Koran recognizes Israel as a Divine inheritance of the Jewish people. The vast majority of Palestinians are in opposition to their own Divine revelation. The Arabs came to the Jewish Holy Land as conquerors, not liberators. And many of them are now astonished that the Divine promise — as described within the full religious tradition of Abraham — has come to fruition. Unlike atheistic European Marxists, the various Arab tribes and nations are believers. Israel is the project of a living G-d whose stamp on history is testimony to the Divine Will.

So why are the Palestinians so recalcitrant? Are they the people to permanently test the Divine Will? All Arabs have tried to test the Will, and they have failed. But Arab shame is certainly not in the losing, because they were never intended to win. Their shame is in the fact that they have denied the Divine Word as given to them through their own Koran. Now the Middle East is changing, and the Sunni Arab position has disintegrated into an intra-Islamic sectarian war against Persia. This too is part of the Divine Plan. The Sunni Arabs and the Israeli Jews must become normalized within the context of a Middle East free of hegemony from any source. This can only happen through mutual recognition and cooperation. It is the Palestinians’ hatred of Israel which allows them to regard Iran as allies — allies who would kill and dominate the entire Sunni Arab world.

European Marxists will never understand the religious Middle East. But only a close adherence to the Divine Plan can save the Palestinians from their historic shame. The Holy Land is a promise to the Jews through the Koran and the Torah. There is no escaping this reality. But the Hebrew Bible (the Torah) is far less explicit with respect to the Covenant of Abraham. Genesis 17 alludes to both land and law, but neither are given certainty nor exact specification.

The chapter of Genesis 17 is neatly divided into three parts. First there is the Divine Promise to ALL the children of Abraham that a Promised Land will become their inheritance. Then there is a middle section involving the Covenantal circumcision of all Abraham’s male descendants. In the final section, G-d states unequivocally that the Covenant shall be administered through a male offspring to be born through Sarah and named Isaac. But the land is never again mentioned, nor is the fact that Isaac’s first-born son eventually marries the daughter of Ishmael.

Later we learn that Isaac’s second son, Jacob, uses deceit to achieve Isaac’s blessing. Earlier, Esau had forsaken his birthright to Jacob in exchange for food. The questions become: What is the nature of Jacob’s birthright? Is it strictly a land covenant, and can Isaac’s blessing to his son be fulfilled through deceit? In other words, there is room for an alternative historical interpretation.

According to all Jewish rabbis, the Promised Land of the Hebrew Bible belongs exclusively to the Jewish people. But can this be so, when all of Abraham’s children have been given the same promise within the same chapter? Does G-d contradict the Word of G-d? The rabbis say (over the many years) yes, but now I humbly think not. G-d’s promise of the land upon which Abraham sojourned is a promise to both Ishmael and Isaac. However, the essential Covenant of Abraham becomes the eventual birthright
of the Jewish people as established through Jacob and not Esau or Ishmael. But what is the birthright of Israel? Is it just a question of land? Or is it something of far greater significance?

Do the Jews have an exclusive right to the land in Israel? As children of Abraham, we definitely have a right. But, I humbly maintain, that right is NOT exclusive. The Covenant of Abraham, as established through Sarah’s son Isaac and forsaken by Esau for the material comfort of food, becomes strictly a spiritual inheritance which I believe leads directly to the events at Sinai and the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people through Moses.

Then the Jews wander for forty years in the desert, finally to come upon a land that G-d stipulates can never be owned but only “assigned”. For the ownership of the land belongs exclusively to G-d and G-d alone. Furthermore, the Jews are required by Divine Injunction to adhere to the Laws as given to them at Sinai or jeopardize their very hold on this land assignment. Clearly, throughout Jewish history, rabbinical understanding has always maintained that justice and mercy take precedence over material land. Land has never been the Torah equivalent to the essential spirit of the magnitude of the Law given at Sinai. In fact the ownership, destiny and final plan for the Promised Land are to be decided through the judgment of G-d and not the machinations of mortal men and their geopolitical behaviors.

Israel exists in the Middle East because it is the judgment of G-d that such an existence is a part of the Divine Plan. European and American Marxists have literally no say in the matter. Neither do American neo-Nazi college students nor atheists of any stripe, even politically powerful American atheists from within the Jewish people. The Sunni Arab world and the Palestinian people know that the so-called two-state solution for the West Bank was originally conceived as a stepping-stone strategy to eventually conquer and destroy Israel. It is one thing to fool a bunch of naïve liberals in America; it’s quite another to try to “pull the wool” over G-d’s eyes.

Israel can never be secure or holy without a vital presence in historic Judea and Samaria. This is not occupation; this is Divine Right. The Promised Land sits astride both banks of the Jordan River. Whitehall and the State Department cannot alter the Divine Plan or Divine Geography in order to maintain their puny national interests. In fact the national interest of all the Sunni Arab states requires a complete break from the machinations of the PLO and its devious propaganda. The so-called two-state solution for a West Bank Palestinian state is as dead as a doornail. Palestinian-Jordanian bi-national democracy (either as a constitutional monarchy or republic), in condominium with Israel within the disputed (West Bank) territories, and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Covenant of Abraham, is the only way forward.

The choice is ours, and ours alone. The future of the Middle East will be either a Divinely-sanctioned peace, or a continued state of war. A nuclear race with the spread of nuclear infrastructure is now assured through the negotiations which have led to the Obama-Iran nuclear deal. But we all have free will. Israel and the Jewish people have already chosen peace, and we have done so since 1937. It is the Palestinians who have never truly acknowledged a Jewish right to a permanent place within the Middle East as equals.

The so-called two-state solution has always been a strategy of war and a complete hoax. Every Arab knows that’s true. Arafat said as much on countless occasions. What does the Arab world take us for, complete idiots? We know absolutely what the PLO and their neo-Nazi Marxists friends would have in store for us with regard to this bogus “peace plan” (piece by piece plan).

Now it is up to the Sunnis to convince their Palestinian neighbors that the Jews are not their enemies and Israel is not an apartheid state. We are simply a people who want nothing more than to fulfill the destiny that history has assigned to us. Peace, and only true peace, is the nature of the Divine Plan. Those who have declared war against us have shamed not only their own Revelation, but all G-d’s Revelations. The intifada of the knives is just another chapter in a long chapter of shame. Peace and reconciliation are the only antidote to the poison. One way or another, the end of our war will be decided.

About the Author
Steven Horowitz has been a farmer, journalist and teacher spanning the last 45 years. He resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. During the 1970's, he lived on kibbutz in Israel, where he worked as a shepherd and construction worker. In 1985, he was the winner of the Christian Science Monitor's Peace 2010 international essay contest. He was a contributing author to the book "How Peace came to the World" (MIT Press).