The Shoah, the North Korean Holocaust, and What Can Be Done (If Anything Can Be Done)

I’m on Sodahead, the polling site, frequently. When Sodaheads (members of Sodahead) voted on a poll asking about the POTUS’ adviser known as Gruber (the one who basically called Americans “stupid” in light of Obamacare), someone opined that Gruber needed to be in a North Korean concentration camp (I Googled the photo to see what it was.). Flagging the post with the exploited sketch, I then made a poll that posited the following:

For good reason, the North Korean Holocaust has been compared to the Shoah before. Sadly as well, the North Korean Holocaust and the Shoah have been exploited. For example, one Sodahead used a sketch of a North Korean murder camp to say that that’s where a commentator named Gruber should be (which, of course, was not at all appropriate).

The only difference between the North Korean Holocaust and the Shoah is that the Shoah was a targeted ethnocide by both the Nazis (ימח שמם.) and Stalin (ימח שמו.), all of whom hated Jews in particular. The North Korean regime, nonetheless, seems to have picked up tactics from the perpetrators of the Shoah. As far as I know, there have not even been Korean Schindlers, Karskis, ten Booms, or Gieses. There have been Wallenbergs and Propper de Callejons, I am sure, and I think that they’ve unfortunately shared the fate of Raoul Wallenberg (ז’ל והי’ד).

As other Jews have felt before I have, we have to at least ask if anything can be done to stop the North Korean Holocaust:


[Pictures inserted here. One reads “זכור” [“zakor“]; another “קיינמאל מער” [“keinmal mer”].]

I concluded that if we can do nothing else, we can pray for the North Koreans, especially those who have escaped and can speak out and those who would speak out if they could.

By the way, I saw a horrid picture from a website that used the murder and torture of a Korean infant as a horror picture in a series of pictures to scare friends, etc. The website is called “Fear Strikes” or something (I saw it when I was Googling for the exploited sketch, so that one could see just what is happening in North Korea if he or she wants to do so. I didn’t find the sketch, and I’m not going back to “Fear Strikes”, though anyone who can go to that website and report it and/or shut it down is welcome to do so.).

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Born in the Diaspora in 1990, Nicole Czarnecki didn’t even know that she’s Jewish until about 2008. As a Jewish Christian and an aspiring olah with more of a history than she ever knew and hope for a future of which she can't even begin to dream, she aspires to help others learn from their histories and build hopeful futures for everyone whom aspires to pursue tzedek and tikkun ha’olam.
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