The Song That Never Ends

So I’m getting a little sick and tired of the Antisemitism these days. Hatred and boycotting Israel on college campuses are becoming a thing of the past. Now, you have clothing brands accidentally selling swastikas on their sweaters, Israeli ships having difficulty docking at US ports, and BDS threats. What’s going on here?

I’ve heard that some feel the Holocaust “pity card” is overused. While I disagree, let’s say that we ignore that genocide for the mean time. Why can’t people just let us be free and safe?

What do Jews want from the world and from life already? Good health, a solid education for their children, the ability to live safely among their neighbors, the ability to thrive among their peers, and find success in the world. Oh, and some sovereignty and peace in the country they feel belongs to them. They have settled and fought for this land in recent history, and although they have won the wars, they were criticized for not giving (more) land away. Because they know that’s clearly the proven way to resolve conflicts among warring nations.

I know the situation is more complex than that but a cry to the people of the world- please consider this side for a change!

In the past couple weeks, we’ve had the worst sort of tragedies-the murder of an infant and young woman, and while writing this article, a foiled assassination plot. Then, we have the US government calling the Israeli prime minister names, so childish and hurtful. Which other democracy can the US rely on in this region? I’m sick of the lack of support from the US: land of free and home of the brave are starting to mean less and less.

So world, I need to know-why the hate? Why the graffiti on college sororities? Why the biased reporting? Why must I check the news before deciding to visit the holiest site of my people, fearing my family and I will be attacked by rocks and angry mobs? Why do I have to suffer through seeing my childhood neighborhoods vandalized? Why can’t we just be left alone?

I feel I’m becoming a more hateful person. The idealistic democrat from LA is sick of raising her boys in a world where they are judged simply for being born to a despised nation. I’m angry that after overcoming so many challenges on a national level, and growing so much as a civilization, our society is still drenched in the blood of hatred.

As many others before me have said, I’m not sure the region will see in peace in my lifetime, or even the next, but we must open our eyes to the truth. We must represent ourselves and people as the dignified bunch we claim to be. We must be proud to celebrate our history, culture, people, and achievements. We must condemn evil, wherever it may appear, and show unity to all those who were forced to adorn the yellow star.

“Be proud that you’re a Jew, the world looks up to you, for your courage and your faith, as you withstand every storm…..precious jewels strung together will not sever”

About the Author
Esther Cohney was raised in a multi-cultured home in sunny Los Angeles as a 90s child with her heart on her sleeve. She loves writing, travelling, working with people, and asking lots of questions. She is determined to accomplish as much as possible in life, while enjoying every darn minute of it.