The Soros Connection: Conspiracy or Consistency?

Robert Kaplan is an Israeli Academic who has recently published the second edition of his book “The Soros Connection,” which details his theory that Germany has spent the better portion of the twentieth, and now the twenty-first century plotting to take over the world. Germany, according to Kaplan, has never finished. Since the American Invasion of Iraq, Germany joined the rest of the world in distrusting America. World War I and World War II both involved a militarized mobilization of the German People, but now Germany is trying to subvert America through media control, funding Anti-American organizations, and especially opposing America’s support of Israel. Now, before I continue, I am writing about this book because I’ve been asked to by a colleague, and because I tend to have sympathy for Academics who challenge the status quo, but not because I agree in any way about the theories or conjectures that it makes. If Academics did not challenge the accepted narrative supported by their discourse… there would be no discourse!

Kaplan calls Germany’s intervention in the US a “soft power,” meaning that most “American” publishers are actually German-owned. It is through this means that the German intelligentsia tries to influence American public thinking. Publishers, Kaplan suggests, can also “wield influence as a result of their ability to convey large sums of money to influential government leaders (Kaplan, page 92).

Although his ideas are logically consistent, I’m inclined to look at Kaplan’s theories as some very far-fetched ideas that are rooted on shaky evidence. I think that anytime an individual accuses a government of planning to take over the world, whether it be by means of military, media, or morale, we tend to have much more visual evidence for it. I would like to know why Kaplan choses to focus on the German government of Anti-American and Anti-Israel sympathies. Of all the countries in the world that we should be raising our suspicions about… Why not Russia? Why not Iran? Why are we spending time accusing an ally, in my opinion, of being unfaithful and being treacherous?

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Michael Kosowski was born in New York City. He recently graduated Binghamton University with a degree in Art History and Russian Studies.
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