Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

The Spark

There are two parts to our psyche.

The external part is influenced by our thoughts. We formulate ideas, we dwell on them, expand on the ramifications, and we thus influence our emotions, thinking, and desires.

Then there is our inner essential makeup. When that affects us, then we may do things not based on our understanding. Rather, we feel a strong, innate desire to do things in a certain way. That stubborn inner will is due to our essence.

In Tanya, in the portion that is scheduled to be studied on Tisha B’av, the Alter Rebbe, the first Rebbe of Chabad, discusses these two parts of our psyche. The outer part, influenced by our thoughts and understanding. And the inner part, the essential Jewish spark and soul, a part of G-d within us that connects us in a strong unbreakable bond with the Almighty.

It’s the bond that binds us with one another, so that even as we debate and argue vigorously, we still love and care for each other. It’s the bond that motivates protestors who are against judicial reform, to fast on Tisha B’av, even as they use the fasting as part of their protest, still by fasting they manifest a loyalty and devotion to G-d, to their heritage, and to their inner souls.

It’s the bond that connects me to you, you to me, and all of us collectively to G-d.

And it serves as a lesson to the world, how to argue and debate in a healthy and constructive way, to create a peaceful world, at peace with G-d and with each other.

So that these days change to happy days, with the third eternal Temple in Jerusalem, with Moshiach.

May it happen now.

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