The Spineless Kingdom of Sweden

I’m angry. Steaming. Infuriated. Crazy mad. It’s going downhill so fast. The merciless avalanche is growing bigger and stronger, and dragging everyone down with it. Downhill and into the depths of the abyss of fear. This small group has so much power. They have Sweden under a tight grip and the spirit of “Je Suis Charlie” is nowhere to be found. One whisper, one breath and everyone fall on their knees.

Don’t say one good word about Israel. Don’t you dare! If you do, you will hear battle cries from the voices of “Palestinagrupperna”: a small, extreme, active and very loud pro-Palestinian organisation. They will intimidate you, terrorise you, and lecture you about THEIR truth: that the evil Jews stole the ancient land of Palestine from the ancient people the Palestinians, and occupied the Palestinian eternal capital called Jerusalem. Then they will silence you. Quick, easy, like a silent blitzkrieg.

The examples are many and it’s disgusting to watch how spineless Sweden is. No honor. No integrity. Not wanting to take sides, but still do. Just like World War 2. Sweden officially stayed neutral, but still let the Germans and their trains filled with iron go through the north of the country. Iron that helped the Nazi war machine to get stronger. “We are neutral! We are not injecting the drugs but JUST supplying the needles!”

The Swedish company Oatly has stopped buying Vitamin D from their Israeli supplier after pressure from this extremist group. Still they continue to buy products from countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Ethiopia – countries who definitely don’t have a good track record when it comes to human rights.

The Swedish TV 4 has decided to permanently remove an episode of a popular cooking show featuring celebrity chef Tina Nordström, where she travels around Israel. Why? Because she innocently says “Jerusalem is the heart of Israel”.

Shame on you Sweden. I have no respect for you anymore. I agree completely with Margaret Thatcher’s words about our so called neutrality in the war: “Yes, we are better than you. We stood up for what we believed in. Did your people fight against Hitler? No, you didn’t. I say we were better at standing up against tyranny!” Words that are still true today.

I don’t know who you are anymore Sweden, but you’re no longer a country of mine. You have crushed the pride I once felt for being Swedish. You are cowards. You are now on the losing side, the side of evil, and it will take a small miracle for you to climb out of that dark hole you dug for yourself.

Until you do, you can take your pretend democracy, your pretend neutrality and shove it up your stiff Nordic behinds. And I mean that literally.

About the Author
Born and raised in Sweden. Studied in the States. Now living in Israel.