The Spoonie’s guide to Halachic Pesach prep

Spoonies are people that don’t have enough “spoons” or energy to do things, often because of physical disabilities or mental illness.

After discussion with some friends who are currently dealing with extreme depression and other physical issues, who do not have the spoons to get their home ready for Pesach, but they do care enough to have a halachically kosher Pesach, here is the very bare minimum you can do to get your home to a halachically kosher for Pesach standard. All these are piskei halacha/rabbinic rulings that I personally have gotten from Orthodox rabbis throughout the years.

1) Close off all your cabinets and drawers and sell the chametz in them for chag. Chabad makes the sale of your chametz easy via this link.
2) Use disposables and maybe one kosher for pesach pot for the stove.
3) Store whatever you need for chag in a box or on the counter or on the table.
4) Put on a new/washed tablecloth for chag (not even sure this is required, cleaning down the table may be enough).
5) Clean your counters well and either kasher them with boiling water or spray them with a cleaning solution with bleach or some other non-edible thing. If not kashering, avoid putting extremely hot things directly down on the counter.
6) Clean one shelf in your fridge and cover and sell the rest. Sell your freezer.
7) Kasher either your oven or your stove so you can cook food (otherwise just use canned food or other foods that don’t need cooking). The stovetop can be wiped down with a cleaning wipe and doesn’t need to be kashered, but you can’t eat anything that fell onto the stovetop. Kashering the oven is cleaning it then turning it on to the highest heat and leaving it on for 40 minutes. If you didn’t clean your oven cover (ideally double cover) anything you put in there.
7) Clean your sink and kasher if possible. If not possible just make sure not to put anything hot down on the bottom.
8) No need to clean anywhere else in the house. Do a thorough bedikat chametz to search for chametz all over the house where there is a chance of there being chametz.
That’s it.
May you and your loved ones have strength for this Pesach and for all times.
About the Author
Adara Peskin is a non conformist chareidi feminist single mother of 4 living in Kochav Yaakov, activist for mental health awareness, blogger at about living a life with mindful spending, and foraging instructor, attempting to make a kiddush Hashem every day via her interactions with others.
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