The State of Israel Is Not America’s Slave

RECENTLY, THE US PRESIDENT, Joe Biden claimed that Israel is losing global support.  And as if this were not insult enough, he then termed Israeli military actions in Gaza as “indiscriminate bombing”.[1]

Firstly, by claiming that Israel is losing support, during an actual war is dangerous for the morale of the IDF, thereby directly impacting, negatively, the operational aspects of this intense civilizational war. Even if it were true that support for Israeli military was weakening around the world, this would be the worst time to mention it. But even this assumption of the US president is not necessarily true, and in fact, he gave no evidence to substantiate his false allegation. The fact that some European nation’s leaders may disagree with the operational manoeuvres and doctrine of the IDF is not evidence for the claim that Israel’s support is waning.

Secondly, by asserting so confidently that the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is engaging in “indiscriminate bombing” is the most outrageous false claim that I have ever heard in my entire existence. The implications of Biden’s lie are absolutely earth-shattering. Why? Because indiscriminate bombings meet the definitions of war crimes according to international legal experts; in fact, there is a clear consensus on this issue.[2] President Biden has accused Israel of committing war crimes, and essentially put the latter’s leaders such as Netanyahu, Itamar Ben-Gvir and others in the same category as Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, and Charles Taylor.

Thirdly, by admitting that he still supports the State of Israel, President Biden has opened himself up to prosecution for aiding alleged war crimes in Gaza. How? Because of the material and diplomatic assistance, the US has provided throughout the entire course of this campaign. At any rate, once President Biden leaves office he will have to deal with the consequences of his own words, and for lying about Israeli military procedures in the Gaza Strip.

But let’s get back to the main point that needs to be made which is—Israel is not America’s slave.

Is Israel a strategic partner of the United States of America?


Is Israel a friend of the United States of America?


Is Israel important to the security of the United States of America and vice versa?


But is the State of Israel a slave of the United States of America?

Absolutely not.

The State of Israel is an independent sovereign nation that makes national security choices and decisions based on the threats it faces and risk-assessments of its strategic and operational planners, not anyone else. This is the reality for any democratic Western country, where decisions are made according to rationality, legality, proportionality and in accordance with the evidence of threats as well as the nature of threats faced by the government and its people—not some foreign power, no matter how strategically significant the relationship with that aforementioned power. The people of Israel did not elect Joe Biden as her president, but they elected Benjamin Netanyahu as their Prime Minister. This is how democracy works in any Western state.

It is not in the interest of the State of Israel to have foreign powers dictate who should be the strategic decision makers in Israel; nor is it the business of outsiders to decide how policies must be formulated, and which military maneuvers to implement or not. These choices are up to Israel alone, and not anybody else, especially not up to Joe Biden. 



About the Author
Zalghi Khan is a former investment banker, who is currently training to become an accountant. He is the author of ten books, and specializes in economics, finance, and geopolitical issues. For him it is important to provide convincing answers to pressing questions, especially as it relates to global economic matters.