The State of Israel should preemptively end the aid from US because of the demographic and political changes in the near future.

The State of Israel should preemptively end the aid from US because of the demographic and political changes in the near future.

From the first day of its existence the state of Israel had to fight the hostile nations surrounding it. To withstand the onslaught of the countries wishing to destroy Israel the state needed arms.

At the present the U.S. is giving Israel grants around 3.8 billion dollars annually in military aid.  “Most of the aid-approximately $3.3 billion a year is provided as grants under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, funds that Israel must use to purchase U.S. military equipment and services”.  The profits from the sale of the military equipment to Israel produced by the American companies, is enriching the United States.

The American military aid to Israel demonstrates that it is not a generous gift but a clever deal to support a country which is loyal to United States in the unpredictable Middle Eastern region and provides jobs and profits for American companies.

The Israeli Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was in 2023 of $521.69 billion, with expectations for 2028  of $661.41 billion.  The $ 3.8 billion of U.S. aid constitute less than 1% of the GDP. The Israel’s economy can absorb the amount of the U.S. aid without compromising the well-being of its citizens and defense.

The demographic and political trends in the U.S. indicate the need to eliminate the American aid preemptively.

“Muslim are projected to become the second largest religious group in the U.S. by 2040 amid continued growth by high fertility rate and immigration, accordingly to the estimates by the Pew Research Center”.

The pro-Palestinian demonstrations in universities and the other places, after the Hamas’s barbaric attack on Israel, reveal how well-organized the Islamic movement is in the U.S. During the demonstrations the mob was full of hatred and militancy toward the state of Israel and Jewish people. The official Islamic organizations operating in U.S. such as the Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) stated its unwavering support for Hamas’s invasion into Israel.

The coordinated action by the present number of Muslims in the U.S against Israel and Jewish people will double or triple in its strength and intensity with the increase in the Muslim population in the U.S.

The demography of the U.S. will affect the political face of the United States of America.

As the Muslim population of the U.S. is growing in number their influence on the official policies of the U.S. will increase and, consequentially, the ability to harm the state of Israel and the Jewish population.

Another group of haters of the state of Israel and Jews is the indoctrinated youth who were demonstrating with the Muslims at the pro-Palestinian rallies.

The Senior Fellow at the Frontier Center for Public Philip Carl Salzman points to the Diversity, equity and inclusion(DEI) framework the basis of which is the Marxist concept of oppressors and victims. The State of Israel and the Jewish people are the oppressors in the minds of the indoctrinated youth who, after graduation, will become the leaders of the political, social and economical spheres of life in America.

The actions and attitudes of the American administration of President Biden are counterproductive to the goal of the State of Israel to eliminate Hamas.  Mark R. Levin in his book ‘The Democrat Party Hates America’ stated “Obama was disastrous for the state of Israel, as he was for the United States. Biden has picked up where Obama left off, reversing President Trump’s pro-Israel policies” (Levin, 2023, p.103). Right after the October 7 Hamas’s unprovoked, barbaric attack on Israel President Biden stated unconditional support for the state of Israel. But as the time gets closer to the Presidential election on November of 2024 Biden’s support for Israel became conditional-he needs the Muslim and the youth’s votes.

The increasing Muslim population and the future leaders of the U.S., the indoctrinated youth, will acquire enough influence and power to deny help to the state of Israel. These groups will be assisted by the American administrations similar to President Biden’s.

The state of Israel should preempt this and end the dependence on the American aid now and initiate a vigorous effort to rely completely on its own military industry to defend the country.

About the Author
I am a retired health care worker from Canada who is acutely aware of the serious situation the State of Israel is experiences at the present. I flew from Calgary to Ottawa on December 4,2023 to be part of the rally in the support of state of Israel and in the support of the release of the hostages.