The story begins

As I begin writing down all the details, I first must come up with a synopsis, a concise summary, to let you know what to expect…….

Here it is…….
Married to the mob….sounds like a common story, but in this case, Linda found herself married to the Gaza mob.

Facing a barrage of lies and betrayals over a 12 year period, she didn’t know if or when her life and her thoughts would once again be her own.

Suffocated by a restrictive combination of her sense of duty as a wife and the controlling nature of her opportunistic, cunning husband, she was at a loss as to how to undo this confusing, tightening, frightening web in which she found herself.

Come along the winding roads of the Sinai and to the dusty streets of the Gaza Strip.
Hold your breath as Linda must die in order to finally begin her journey to freedom.

Celebrate her resurrection and redemption as she finds truth and life in Israel where she gains the strength and friendship to finally break free. Walk with her through her months of stubborn resolve to fully recover from being left completely disabled by the devastating bout of
encephalitis that turned out to be what saved her even as it almost killed her.

Her struggle from death back to life, alone, is worth reading this book, but there is so much more!

Formerly married to the self proclaimed son of a PLO terrorist, this brave women now tells the truth behind the lies of “Pro Palestinian peace activists”.
For years she remained silent, a victim of extreme manipulation by her charming, narcissistic husband.

Now she is free. Listen to the story that needs to be told.

About the Author
Linda Todd is a passionate truthseeker. Her journey has taken her to Gaza and then to Israel. She has seen life on both sides of the equation and must speak out, even though speaking out is risky.