The Struggle: A Dark Production

The “peaceful protests” at the Gaza border clearly demonstrated that fake news is quite real, as were the Hamas terrorists and Jihadists who took center stage, playing the part of Palestinian civilians gathering to peacefully protest the “unjust” existence thrust upon them by their Israeli “occupiers.”

While Israel was forced to defend its citizens, and indeed, to defend its very existence, the media invited the world to view, in real time, an action packed documentary, known as “The Struggle,” which was produced and edited by Hamas, and eagerly filmed by a media all too eager to shine the spotlight on those struggling Palestinians. You know, those poor oppressed, peaceful people? The ones setting fire to flaming kites (some of which were emblazoned with swastikas) and bravely and ever so gently flying them across the border to Israel, where they burned fields and caused extensive property damage and monetary loss to Israeli farmers.

Adding to the special effects of this reality show were burning tires sending plumes of thick smoke into the air. The backdrop created by the burning tires was the intended “smoke and dagger” effect, as black clouds of pollution choked the air for miles around the border (which elicited not one peep from the environmentalists) and provided cover for Hamas terrorists who, armed with actual daggers and weapons, attempted to cut the border fence and enter Israel.

“The Struggle” was rated “G” by Hamas, and all were welcomed to attend; men, women, children and even babies.

Hamas’ deadly production coincided with festivities celebrating Israel’s 70 year anniversary and the long anticipated opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. Designed to disrupt the celebrations of those momentous events, Hamas hoped to steal the show. And for a time they did.

As smoke and fire filled the air, and as terrorists attempted to cut through the border fence, Israel had no choice but to defend its borders and stop the terrorists from carrying out a scripted killing spree inside Israel.

Thankfully, they didn’t rehearse well enough to carry out their plan. Hamas intended to forcefully infiltrate Israel with murderous intent and Israel’s soldiers had no choice but to defend their citizens. There was no alternative but to stop the terrorists before they were able to “tear the hearts out” of innocent Israelis, as they promised to do.

Right on cue, there was condemnation by the UN and by the poor Palestinians for Israel’s “disproportionate” use of force. It just seemed so unfair that Palestinians and Hamas terrorists were killed before they had a chance to kill the Jews.

Critics of this dark drama were quick to note that the poor, protesters did not deserve to die. They should have been welcomed into Israel, come what may. This was no way to treat peaceful protesters who were armed only with burning kites, tires, knives, and a few guns.

After the fact, world leaders would have been all too happy to concede a few words of condolence at any deaths of Israeli civilians which would have resulted had terrorists not been deterred from entering Israel. But first, they should have been allowed to forcefully and unlawfully tear down Israel’s border fence. The consequences of this action were deemed to be irrelevant. Anything less was apparently heartless and inhumane on the part of the Israeli “occupiers” of their own land.

But wait, there is a sequel to Hamas’ production. We are now witnessing Act 2. As an IDF Spokesperson put it, a new wave of terror is being aimed at Israel. Disappointed that their attempts to cross the border fence into Israel in order to carry out terrorist attacks did not work out as planned, Hamas has taken to shooting barrages of rockets into Israel, terrorizing its citizens once again and proudly admitting that they have resumed “The Struggle.”

The academy award must go to Hamas, which has managed to manipulate world opinion, with the help of a media all too willing to set the stage. Joining them in the Hall of Shame is the United Nations, almost unanimously united in their condemnation of Israel, the one Democracy in the region. United in terror. United in antisemitism. United in trying to destroy Israel.

Bravo to the bullies of the world. You continue to outdo yourselves. Smoke and mirrors will not prevail. Israel, “A light unto all nations” will.

About the Author
Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.