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The Supper Club – Super Gourmet Experience

The Supper Club, photo: T. Sharon
The Supper Club, photo: T. Sharon

The Supper Club is an intimate gourmet experience designed by Chef Lior Shva who came back from Europe after working in the kitchens of Michelin restaurants. She set up a twelve course tasting dinner called The Supper Club, currently served at Lali in Moshav Hayogev in Jezreel Valley. Lior starred in the second season of the Israeli Chef Games TV series and won 4th place. This dinner is a one-of-a-kind experience. Culinary lovers – don’t miss it!

The Supper Club can be booked as a private meal for a group, but it is most fun to join an open meal, to which different people sign up. The meal is a place to meet and get to know charming, intelligent people who love fine food. Prior to the event, Lior checks if there are culinary sensitivities and preferences. Apart from the fact that we can’t eat spicy food, we gave her a free hand because the whole point of such a meal is to try, taste and explore new things. Along with the excitement and anticipation, I can attest that the meal exceeded all our expectations both in terms of the food and the atmosphere! When we arrived at the reception, Lior handed out a special Yale cocktail with a Persian strawberry. Lior also offers a package of 3 tastings of wines that accompany the meal at a set price.

The interaction with charming Lior is part of the experience. We got to know her and her passion for the culinary world. She does it all while being a young mother who finds it important to be present in the upbringing of her children and not be torn between the worlds. Lior studied in Belgium and interned with Heston Blumenthal, and then worked at several Michelin restaurants in England. After returning to Israel, she participated in the TV Chef Games, where she stood out, winning the fourth place, and becoming one of the celebrities in the Israeli culinary world. Since then Lior offers the Supper Club that was inspired by Eatwith from abroad and offers these unique meals.

The Supper Club dinner does not have a set menu. The dishes are prepared by Lior and her team in an open kitchen whereas the participants feel like judges in the Master Chef Show each time a dish is served while Lior explains about the dish and its ingredients. Then the participants taste, enjoy the unique flavours, and exchange impressions. The dinner menu does change, but here are some glimpses of the meal comprised of a dozen small dishes (plus more extras).

Appetizer, photo: E. Sharon
Raw fish brioche, photo: E. Sharon
Fish, photo: E. Sharon
Desert, photo: E. Sharon

And if you haven’t tried eating the screen yet, you can find the details about Lior’s meals on her website Lior Shva. The meal is expensive but the price includes service and there are no hidden costs; the experience is extraordinary!

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