The Tea-with-Putin Gambit

The newest “Promised Podcast” (The ” Tea-with-Putin Gambit” Edition) is available for your listening pleasure and general edification.

This time, Eilon and Noah discuss (1) the continuing kerfuffle over the government’s plan to evacuate five apartment buildings in Beit El (in a neighborhood called Givat ha-Ulpana), in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling. The emotional debate over the issue, including hunger strikes and a five day march on the Knesset, reflects an ideological struggle in the right, that divides those who support settlements into two camps: a rule-of-law camp, and a more charismatic, ends-justify-means camp.  (2) The blogosphere’s J’accuse that just seventy years after the Holocaust, Israel’s treatment of of Sudanese and Eritrean refugees reflects racism of the most loathsome kind.  While recent events have doubtless been colored by racism, the Podcast team finds that this ain’t really the right way to think about this complicated issue.

All that and the last updates on our new national heroes, Boris Gelfand & Nadav Ben Yehuda,plus learnin’ ’til the break of dawn, and a new book every eighty second!

Don’t you deserve a little Promised Podcast in your week?  Don’t you?