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The Temple Mount Belly-Button Protest Movement

The verse in Numbers 31:50 describes jewelry

And we have brought the LORD’S offering, what every man hath gotten, of jewels of gold, armlets, and bracelets, signet-rings, ear-rings, and girdles, to make atonement for our souls before the LORD.’

The Hebrew for what is translated as ‘girdle’ is כוּמָז.

Actually, it is an ornament worn in what is referred to as a women’s private parts.

This bit of esoteric information came to mind when I saw a picture at Facebook.  It showed earings in the shape of a menorah.  And those earings had to be removed from the lady’s ears – on police instructions – prior to her being permitted to enter the Temple Mount.  It would have been, I guess, provocative and perhaps a disturbance of the peace.

(There is a new sign up which clarifies more of these instructions)

Being of an activist bent, may I mak a suggestion to the ladies?

Wear belly-button jewelry – or naval jewelry – in the form of a menorah, or a star of David


or in the form of a hamsa.

In the first place, it would cause more female police officers to be present (and if a policeman tries to do a body search, wow!).

Second, it mocks.  And humor is a good protest instrument.  Think of it:

The Temple Mount Belly-Button Protest Movement

Third, it will definitely gain headlines.

If any are uneasy, I presume clip-ons can be arranged.


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