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The Temple Mount

Nasrallah and Hamas are trying to turn their terror attacks against Israel. The Temple Mount, a Jewish holy sight, has been used to drum up the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. The Temple mount was always a peaceful place for tourists from all over, and there were never any issues relating to religion. The Temple Mount became a weapon for the Palestinians who are trying to corral the Muslim world against Israel.

Ben Gvir’s visit to the Temple Mount couldn’t possibly do any harm to anyone, except for those who are looking for a confrontation. On the other hand, his visit did just that, giving the Palestinians a cause to gripe. That move by Mr. Gvir does not show any political savvy by its government, and hopefully that is not the direction in which this new government is heading.

Talking about insensitivity towards holy places, in 691 AD Caliph Abd-Al- Malik, after conquering parts of the Middle East, entered Jerusalem and built the Dome of the Rock on top of Mt. Moriah. He knew full well that it was the Temple Mount, a holy place for Judaism where both Temples were built on.

The haters (in the comments) have a field day blaming Israel for its existence after a walk on the Temple Mount. This is nothing new, the Jews have been kicked around for two thousand years. Israel stands up for itself, as small as it is, taking care of its people.

Jack Molad

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Jack Molad was born in Tel Aviv in 1930 during the British Mandate period and fought with the Haganah. Jack set out for the United States to spread Israeli tradition to Jews in the US. He achieved a masters degree at Saint Louis University and established Hebrew programs for traditional Jewish youth in Saint Louis, Omaha, and Dallas. Jack also founded and led Teen Tours, a summer program in Israel for traditional Jewish teens to experience Israel. Jack returned to Jerusalem in 2021, where he resides with many of his children and grandchildren.
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