Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

The Tennessee Flash Floods Confirm G-d Remains Firmly In Control


Of all the many major news stories I saw this past week, I want to focus on the Tennessee flash floods during Shabbat, which took the lives of 18 people. This figure was revised down from as high as 22.

One of the most heart-breaking stories I read took place in Humphrey’s County, in a town called Waverley. Twin babies died after being swept away by the flood waters. According to station WKRN, Grandmother Angie Willeby said that 7-month-old twins Ryan and Rileigh were lost. She said their parents were trying to escape the rising waters with their four children when the twins were swept away.

The children’s father, Matthew Rigney, told WTVF-TV of Nashville he awoke to a sudden surge of water that inundated the area Saturday after record rainfall. The surge burst through the door of his family’s apartment.

The children’s mother, Daniella Hall, escaped through a window to seek help as water deluged their home, Rigney told the station. The family’s 5-year-old was hanging from Rigney’s neck, a 19-month-old was on his hip, and the twins were in his arms, he said.

“The water, when it hit us, just pulled us under, all of us trapped underneath a bed,” Rigney told the station, adding: “I wish there was something I could have done.”

In Waverly, the small city where most of the deaths occurred, public safety chief Grant Gillespie told reporters Monday that the floods — which occurred after 17 inches rain fell in less than 24 hours — had made a “huge impact” on “this small community.”

“The town will wear these scars for many decades,” he said.

Gillespie said fewer than 10 people were still missing, down from more than 40 on Sunday.

Accu-Weather Confirmed This Was Totally Unexpected

One of the worst-hit areas was Waverly, home to about 4,500 and about 75 miles west of Nashville. There, business owner Kansas Klein told the AP that it was “amazing” how quick the devastating flooding came and went. Klein noted that his business, a pizzeria, was still standing but had been rendered a total loss by the floodwaters that reached 7 feet inside the building.

The Legacy Of Hubert H. Humphrey – And The Democratic Party

The Tennessee Flash Floods were no doubt devastating for those families who lost loved ones in this disaster and my condolences go out to everyone affected.

But more importantly, it appears this is sending all of us an important message. Despite all challenges that the world has faced during the past few years such as- COVID 19 and its variants; increased violence world-wide, and the debacle in Afghanistan to name a few, we are reminded that G-d is always in control when an event such as a flash flood occurs.

Humphrey’s County And Waverly, Tennessee And The Twins

We are reminded of Hubert Humphrey when these two locations and the shocking story about the Twins appear together. Humphrey represented Minnesota which is known for the Twin Cities.

In 1958 Humphrey and his wife Muriel built a lakefront home in Waverly, Minnesota. It served as his primary residence for the rest of his life, and he died there in 1978.

Humphrey’s body lay in state in the rotundas of the U.S. Capitol[247] and the Minnesota State Capitol before being interred at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. His passing overshadowed the death of his colleague from Montana, Senator Lee Metcalf, who had died the day before Humphrey. Old friends and opponents of Humphrey, from Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon to President Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale, paid their final respects. “He taught us how to live, and finally he taught us how to die”, said Mondale.[248]

The Democratic Party Today Attempts To Erase HHH’s Legacy

Hubert Humphrey earned the honors he was given because of the many years of public service he gave to his country. He was a fighter for Civil and Human Rights which resulted in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and many other similar pieces of legislation.

He was a solid supporter of Israel which earned him the respect of worldwide Jewry. In addition, he was a frequent visitor to the Jewish State which earned him the respect of many Israeli lawmakers.

All of Humphrey’s efforts seem to have been erased in favor of BDS, Defund The Police and BLM which Hubert Humphrey would never have been part of.

Instead, the Democratic Party has been making Joe Biden their hero.

Unfortunately, America received a rude wake-up call with Biden’s handling of the Afghan crises. And reports coming out of Kabul suggesting Biden will pull out troops before making sure all Americans and those who worked with America are out safely is shocking.

This disaster further proves to the American people and the world how far the Democratic Party has drifted away from the value system demanded by the US Constitution and Declaration Of Independence. Joe Biden and his supporters should not be allowed to continue to destroy America’s credibility.

The question is – When will Americans finally put a stop to this horrible chapter in American history created by the Biden Administration?

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