Benjamin Folkinshteyn

The Terrorist’s Alphabet Book: From A to Z

A is for Anti-Jew venom in which we believe.

B is for Butchery to which we will cleave.

C is for Civilians we use as a shield.

D is for Double Standards — they get Jews killed.

E is for Enablers, you know who you are.

F is for Fascists that we really are.

G is for Glory to martyrs we teach.

H is for Hatred of Jews that we preach.

I is for Ignorance of students today.

J is for Jihad that paves our way.

K is for Kleptocrat leaders we chose.

L is for blood Libels we often compose.

M is for Misery in which we keep our towns.

N is for Newspapers, God bless these clowns.

O is for One Jew-free land we aspire to see –

in P is for Palestine from river to sea.

Q is for Qassams that to Israel we spew;

R is for Rape when a Qassam won’t do.

S is for Silence of cowards and fools.

T is for Tunnels that run under schools.

U is for UN’s turning both blind eyes.

V is for Victory over those we despise.

W is for Water Pipes that we misuse.

X is for Twitter that cesspool of “truth”.

Y is for Yale and every campus’s youth –

that chants Zionism is Racism, which means, Death to the Jews!

About the Author
Benjamin Folkinshteyn is an attorney in private practice in the Greater New York area. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
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