The Three boys Who Saved Abbas…

From the perspective of an objective person who is able to look at something at face value, then it would be obvious that both Fatah and Hamas aim for the complete and utter destruction of Israel.

Under normal circumstances a joint goal is often the glue which will keep groups together.

But if you noticed, nothing in the Middle East is “normal”.

Hamas and the Fatah factions are enemies. We saw it when Hamas Terrorists threw Fatah terrorists off the roof tops in Gaza following the election in 2008 which bought Hamas to power. This power was only actualized in Gaza and not in Judea and Samaria because, well, Hamas was not supposed to win. Everyone thought that Hamas was only but a fringe terror group and that the voters were simple people… “Moderates”. So in Judea and Samaria, Abbas did not give up his seat. For there was no concern about Abbas being thrown off a rooftop for his seat was protected by the ever so powerful enemy of Hamas, the Israeli Army.

During Cast lead, did you notice how quite it was in Judea and Samaria? Did you see the lack of solidarity with their brethren in Gaza? Perhaps it was because Abbas was enjoying the fact that his rival was being weakened.

Cast lead was over, Hamas weak and relative quiet came from the Gaza front…there were no large conflicts, nothing to really make the news….until one day John Kerry came along to save the day; to create a Palestinian State and be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Although upset that Hamas was not able to represent them, the Palestinian Arabs held tight and backed their leader Abbas during these talks. Abbas, with his more strategic route of trying to destroy Israel, used the international community to pressure Israel. He used these talks to get concession after concession without having to give up anything in return. The problem with Abbas’ strategy was that there was no real end game through diplomacy. The destruction of Israel was not going to come through negotiations.
During these negotiations, everyday Abbas came home and there were zero developments, his people became more and more impatient. Abbas was not moving towards the shared goal of the destruction of Israel. Everyday which passed, Abbas and his Fatah Faction were being weakened, as his rival Hamas, was slowly becoming stronger; stronger not only with smuggled weapons, but stronger on the street, stronger with the people. The strategy of diplomacy to destroy Israel was not working for Abbas. Perhaps Hamas is right the people were thinking.

Talks collapsed and Abbas felt the pressure from within. How can he lead a divided people?

In comes Hamas and ready for unity. A nightmare for Abbas, for the international community would come down hard on him. But what choice did he have, he was more concerned with his standing locally than his standing internationally. (Side note, clearly the international community had no problem with this unity government)

Through this short process of unity talks and more fractures than one can count, the whole thing broke to pieces when Eyal Yifrah 19, Gilad Shaar 16 and Naftali Frenkel 16 were kidnapped.

The three boys who were kidnapped by Hamas became Abbas’ free meal ticket back to the top.

In the last 4 days since this kidnapping, thousands of our holy soldiers went on foot in the hornets’ nest to seek out our boys and find those who may have been responsible for their taking. The Army has picked up an estimated 150 Hamas Terrorists, many of them from the political sphere.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s cabinet meeting, which occurred on Monday, discussed many options. What was reported on Arutz Sheva was that the cabinet decided to destroy Hamas’ infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

Following this report, both the Israeli government and the PLO see Hamas as the kidnappers. Abbas is now coming out publicly saying that if it is true that Hamas is responsible, they will no longer be part of his unity government.

Well, great timing. Just hours after the Israeli government announces the beginning of the end of Hamas in Judea and Samaria, they are kicking them out of their unity pact.

So where does Abbas stand now?

He doesn’t, he is sitting in his garden right now drinking a martini and toasting to the next 5 years in power.

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Gedaliah Blum

Gedaliah Blum is co founder of Dapei Katom; (Online community, in Hebrew in Judea & Samaria) and Boutique Katom; (An Online English Art Gallery with works from Judea & Samaria)

Gedaliah’s goal is to strengthen Judea and Samaria for all of Israel by means of economic growth.

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Gedaliah's life's focus, whether raising children or empowering small business owners, is to create new realities on the ground within Israel's Heartland. Director of the Bikurim, an "Economic Zionism" initiative, Gedaliah is attracting global support in order to take part in boosting the reestablishment of the Jewish people within their ancestral homeland.
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