The Top 10 Things About Being In Israel For Pesach

10) Having a seder with my sister and brother-in-law and their five children and eight grandchildren for the first time ever!

9) Every gas station mini-market is kasher l’pesach, and every gas station attendant wishes you a Chag Sameach (while they’re charging you a month’s salary to fill up your tank…)

8) Kasher l’Pesach Magnum ice cream bars!

7) On Chol HaMoed, it seems like every family in Israel is cooking out in a public park!

6) You can still look out the window and see the occasional camel.

5) Every bus flashes a Chag Sameach sign along with the route.

4) We could decide we were hungry at 11:30 at night in Jerusalem and find endless open, kasher l’Pesach restaurants… and on the way to the restaurant, bump into at least three friends of our children to join us for dinner.

3) Taking a Segway tour through Yemin Moshe and the Jaffa Gate area and navigating amongst the thousands of people who are crowding the streets of downtown Jerusalem!

2) Beautiful red anemones everywhere you look, and wildflowers in all blazing colors adorning just about every street.

1) Spending the holiday in the most spectacular city in the world with family members who live so far away…

About the Author
Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik is the Rabbi Emeritus of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens.