The Tragedy of That Wall

A film has been making the rounds of the interwebs and causing a lot of commotion. NO WAY THROUGH, a video short, portrays London as the territories and shows a frustrating scene of medical emergency services there. The video was shared on Upworthy and was chosen as a staff pick by Vimeo.

It’s frustrating some because of it’s narrative.

It frustrates me because this was something we should have done.

We should have made this clip. Beginning to end. It would have been the best thing we could have done for Israel.

This is how I imagine it:

Girl exiting house on her cell phone: “I’m running a little late. I’ll be there soon.”
She grabs her bike and heads into the street.

A crash is heard.

The girl, a bloody mess, sees the driver who hit her in a fuzzy haze. The driver is asking whether she’s alright. The girl nods and attempts to get up, but finds that she’s unable to rise. The driver calls for an ambulance and finds that he needs to drive to a checkpoint (accuracy of this is seriously suspect but it’s a film with a point).

Driver does his best to get to the checkpoint as fast as possible. The soldiers are unhelpful and tell him the checkpoint is closed and he needs to go around.

The driver has problems getting to the next checkpoint. The girl in back seems to have lost consciousness. Getting to the next checkpoint, the driver sees the ambulance and rushes out of the car, and is promptly arrested.

The video fades into black and words travel across the screen.

Walls and checkpoints are built to keep terrorists out.

Unfortunately, innocents are also slowed by the security barriers.

Mahmoud Abbas and his government incite against Israel and put terrorists on pedestals.

It’s time to end this.

It’s time for Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as the Jewish State. It’s time for incitement to end. It’s time that murderers not be praised and upheld as heroes.

It’s time to help us take down these barriers.

Fade to credits

Perhaps we’d intersperse clips of terrorists attempting to get into Israel in the credits. Better yet, we’ll intersperse clips of Israelis describing their dreams of peaceful coexistence.

However we end it, our point would be made: We here do not love that wall.

About the Author
Meir is a Political Science graduate of Lander College for Men (A Touro College branch in Queens NY) and a recent Oleh