The Tribe and Tribes of Facebook

After ten years, in the year 2014 Mark said: “Take a census of the sons and daughters of the Facebook tribe according to the Zuckerberg household. From thirteen years of age and up.”

Their countings were 1.3 billion members. All those came to the work of service and the work of burden in this tent of meeting.

How often do you meet in facebook? How do you dwell there?

Is it a dwelling place, a tent of meeting, a sanctuary or…?
How does it serve you and how does it burden you?

Which facebook tribe do you belong to? What are the gifts that you bring?

What is your offering? What gifts do you receive?

The Children of Israel set up their holy tabernacle in the desert and they carried it with them for forty years. It was a dwelling place for the divine. A place to bring their offerings. A tent of meeting.

They were all Children of Israel. Yet they each belonged to a tribe.

Each of the twelve tribes had a role. They each contributed to the holiness of the meeting place.
They shared it.

Where will the Children of Facebook be in thirty years’ time, after completing forty years of service and burden in this Signup Desert?

Will the High Priest still be making his Mark?

What direction will it face?

What pages will fill its book?

Will we still be wandering in its wilderness?

Or will we have found a dwelling place to call and count our own?

About the Author
David Skolni is a South African immigrant. He came to live in Israel in 1982. He is a special needs teacher and a practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. His current interest is in the connections between body, movement and Judaism.