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The true occupation: Living under a reign of terror

Since 1834, the Jewish population has endured 190 years of occupation and acts of terror committed by Palestinians!
Here is list of notable attacks and incidents against Jewish communities in Palestine (historical pre-state Israel)
1834 Safed Pogrom: Part of the broader Peasants’ Revolt, it involved attacks on Jewish residents in Safed.
1871 Jaffa Riots: Tensions between Jewish and Arab communities in Jaffa led to violence and attacks on the Jewish population.
1882 Safed Riots: Anti-Jewish riots took place in Safed.
1909 Hebron Riots: Anti-Jewish riots in Hebron.
1920 Nebi Musa Riots: Widespread violence and attacks on Jewish communities in Jerusalem and elsewhere during the Nebi Musa festival.
1921 Jaffa Riots: Further tensions in Jaffa resulted in violent clashes between Jewish and Arab communities.
1929 Hebron Massacre: A tragic event in which a number of Jewish residents in Hebron were killed during Arab riots.
1936-1939 Arab Revolt: A major period of conflict in Palestine, marked by attacks against Jewish communities by Arab paramilitary groups.
1947-1948 Civil War: As the British Mandate ended and Israel’s independence was declared, fighting and attacks by Arab forces murdered 1,500 Jewish women and men; and laid siege around Jerusalem to starve out 100,000 Jews.
1948 Arab-Israeli War: This war involved 6 Arab states and led to various battles and attacks against Jewish communities.
These are some of the prominent terror-related incidents that occurred during the 1950s.
1949-1956 Fedayeen Raids: These attacks began shortly after Israel’s independence in 1948 and continued into the 1950s. Palestinian fedayeen, armed groups operating from neighboring Arab countries, conducted cross-border raids into Israel, targeting both military and civilian targets.
1954 Eilat Bus Ambush:
In February 1954, an Israeli civilian bus traveling from Eilat to Tel Aviv was ambushed by Palestinian militants near the Egyptian border. Several passengers were killed and wounded in the attack.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 1960s:
1968 Hijacking of El Al Flight 426: A Palestinian terrorist group hijacked El Al Flight 426 traveling from Rome to Tel Aviv.
1969-1970 Palestinian Aircraft Hijackings: Multiple aircraft hijackings took place during this period, including the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 and Swissair Flight 100.
These incidents were carried out by Palestinian terrorist groups demanding the release of prisoners and other political goals.
1969 Bombing of Jerusalem Supermarket:
A bomb explosion in a Jerusalem supermarket resulted in multiple fatalities and casualties. The attack was carried out by a Palestinian terrorist group.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 1970s:
1969-1970 Avivim School Bus Attacks:
Palestinian terrorists attacked a school bus near the northern town of Avivim in May 1970. The incident resulted in the deaths of several children and adults.
1969 Bombing of the Zion Square in Jerusalem: A bombing attack in Zion Square in Jerusalem resulted in fatalities and injuries. This attack was also attributed to Palestinian terrorists.
1970 Avivim School Bus Massacre: In May 1970, Palestinian militants attacked a school bus near Avivim, resulting in the deaths of several children and adults.
1972 Munich Olympics Massacre: During the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September took members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage. The standoff ended tragically with the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches.
1974 Ma’alot Massacre: Palestinian terrorists stormed a school in Ma’alot, taking students hostage resulting in the deaths of 25 hostages, including 22 children.
1976 Entebbe Raid: In a daring rescue operation, Israeli forces liberated passengers of an Air France plane hijacked by Palestinian and German terrorists in Uganda.
1978 Coastal Road Massacre: Palestinian terrorists infiltrated Israel from Lebanon and carried out an attack on a bus traveling along the coastal road, resulting in multiple casualties.
These incidents were part of the broader Israeli-Arab conflict and the Palestinian-Israeli struggle during the 1970s. The decade saw a series of high-profile terrorist attacks and hostage situations.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 1980s:
1980 Misgav Am Hostage Crisis: Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the northern Israeli kibbutz of Misgav Am, taking hostages.
1985 Achille Lauro Hijacking: Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, leading to the murder of an American passenger, Leon Klinghoffer.
1987-1993 First Intifada: The First Intifada was a Palestinian uprising of terrorism.
1987 Bus 405 Attack: A Palestinian terrorist hijacked a bus in Israel, leading to fatalities and injuries.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 1990s:
1990 Temple Mount Tunnel Riots: Protests and clashes erupted in Jerusalem following the opening of an archaeological tunnel near the Western Wall. These events resulted in casualties.
1992 Israeli Embassy Attack in Buenos Aires: The Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was bombed in a terrorist attack that killed 29 people and injured hundreds.
1996 Bus 18 Attack: A suicide bombing on Jerusalem’s Bus 18 resulted in fatalities and injuries.
1997 Mahane Yehuda Market Bombing: A suicide bombing at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem caused casualties.
1999 Taba Border Crossing Bombing: A bombing attack occurred at the Taba border crossing between Israel and Egypt, leading to fatalities and injuries.
The 1990s were marked by a series of suicide bombings, attacks, and violent incident.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 2000s:
Second Intifada (2000-2005): This period was marked by a significant increase in violence, including suicide bombings, shootings, and clashes, with numerous attacks targeting civilians and Israeli military personnel.
2001 Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing: A suicide bomber attacked a Tel Aviv nightclub, killing 21 people, most of them teenagers.
2002 Passover massacre: A suicide bombing during a Passover Seder in Netanya resulted in numerous casualties.
2003 Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing: A suicide bombing on a bus in Haifa killed many passengers.
2004 Ashdod Port bombings: Two suicide bombings occurred in the port city of Ashdod, resulting in casualties.
2005 Sharm El Sheikh bombings: While not in Israel, multiple bombings in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh targeted Israeli vacationers and led to deaths and injuries.
Here are some notable terror attacks and incidents in Israel during the 2010s:
The three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and subsequently found murdered in 2014 were:
Eyal Yifrach
Gilad Shaar
Naftali Fraenkel
Their abduction and tragic deaths led to a significant escalation of tensions in the region and played a role in the events that followed during that year.
2015-2016 Palestinian Knife Intifada: A wave of stabbing attacks, vehicle-ramming incidents, and shootings, primarily carried out by Palestinian individuals, took place in Israel and the West Bank.
2017 Temple Mount Crisis: Protests and violence erupted in Jerusalem following the placement of metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif compound.
2018 Gaza Border Protests: Ongoing demonstrations and clashes occurred along the Israel-Gaza border, resulting in numerous casualties.
2019 Rocket Attacks from Gaza: Periodic rocket attacks and escalations of violence occurred between Israel and Gaza-based terrorist groups.
Since Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 18,000 rockets and mortars into Israel, killing more than 40 people and putting nearly one million Israeli citizens under direct threat every day.
Since 0ctober 7, 2023 Hamas has fired 7,000 rockets .
Bottom line
The Terror inflicted by Palestinian Arabs upon the Jewish People began 114 years before the Jewish People got a State.
Clearly the conflict is not about Land.
The root of nearly 200 years of Palestinian Arab terror is simple and straightforward. They view Jews as inferior beings who under Islamic law and Arab customs are not allowed to have an independent state.
With the brutal massacre on October 7, including the slaughtering parents in front of children and children in front of parents, burning families alive, raping young girls, beheading babies, cutting open pregnant women and pulling out their babies and beheading them in front of their dying mothers, having sex with dead bodies, and kidnapping elderly and helpless Holocaust survivors demonstrated to anyone with any moral fiber that the nearly two hundred year Palestinian Arab Occupation of Terror must end now and forever.
Those who do not come to this realization have fallen prey to the tricks of satanists, “demons” – 21st century vampires, “ghouls”, and “Draculas”.
About the Author
Rabbi Avi Schwartz is an individual who has made contributions in various fields. He is the son of Motke Eish HaGarzen, also known as Motke the Axeman, a legendary figure in the Palmach. Motke Eish HaGarzen led a group of 21 Palmach Warriors who successfully conquered Har Tzion (Mount Zion), rescuing 1,700 Jewish men, women, and children from the Jordanian onslaught in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Rabbi Schwartz himself is a Black Hat Rabbi and activist, dedicated to upholding Jewish traditions and values. Alongside his religious pursuits, he has also found success as a filmmaker and writer, with his works featured on platforms such as Red Coral Universe Apple TV, Tubi of Fox Corporation, and Netflix. Notably, Rabbi Schwartz's movie "The Quest" has received high praise from none other than Pat Boone, a Music and Hollywood Icon. Boone, known for his illustrious career as a singer, actor, and television personality, has publicly commended Rabbi Schwartz's film, acknowledging its quality and significance. This endorsement from Pat Boone further solidifies the impact and recognition of Rabbi Schwartz's work within the entertainment industry. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Rabbi Schwartz has been at the forefront of the battle against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. He has developed two groundbreaking apps, "Fight BDS" and "BDS Myth Busters," aimed at countering BDS propaganda and raising awareness about the realities of the movement. The notable Hollywood icon and anti-BDS activist, Roseanne Barr, sponsors the app "BDS Myth Busters." Additionally, Rabbi Schwartz holds the position of Vice President of Digital Marketing and serves as the Director of Energycite, a revolutionary technology in energy conservation. His involvement in this field highlights his commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, Rabbi Schwartz has established the Torah Teen Palmach Center, a transformative initiative that trains teenagers to become future leaders in the spirit of the Palmach. Through this center, he imparts invaluable leadership skills and instills the values of courage, determination, and resilience in the next generation.
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