The Trump enigma

It has taken 70 years and 12 presidents to get North Korea to sit down, talk, and possibly and hopefully, disarm.  What made “rocket man” meet, shake hands, and listen to no one but “the Donald”?  I have my own theory; both are to some extent thugs.  One from North Korea and the other from Brooklyn.  You can take the man out of Brooklyn but you cannot take Brooklyn out of the man.  If there is something we have learned so far: Trump just does not play nice.  He also keeps his word.  Barely two years into his presidency, and he is going through his campaign checklist like a housewife at Walmart.  Nothing is safe that stands in his way.  Even when he gets annoyed and upset at criticism; he tweets and gets back on track. There is very little détente; but then did détente work with the North Koreans?  Did it work with Syria? Did it work with Iran?  The list of political diplomacy fiascos stretches from one end of the globe to the other.  Political diplomacy caused unnecessary suffering to those under regimes and wars that the west generally started under good intentions and failed to end.

There isn’t a day that the public media does not vilify, curse, hang in effigy, hate, and disrespect Donald Trump to a degree not seen before.  No other president however disliked had to endure what this man endures on a daily basis. The main stream media, ultra liberal leftists, Democrats, wobbly Republicans, and  George Soros; despise Donald Trump to a frenzy.  They must stay up late at night wishing and hoping that something or someone would finally bring him down.  I can almost envision them rubbing their hands in wishful anticipation ala wicked queen in Snow White; hoping that another outrageous story may put the final nail in his political coffin.  Oh the despair, because so far he has managed to tweet and retort out of every poisoned situation thrown at him. What galls the Trump haters more than his hair are his successes.  What irritates them beyond belief is his fighting back and forcing them to be on the  defensive. They turn on the heat and he fights back to find himself once more in the headlines the next morning.  Good or bad they provide him free publicity.  He is the genuine Teflon man.  Whatever is thrown at him just slides off.  It has taken a “special” prosecutor over a year to make the Russian collusion “stick”.  The s-ht has hit and struck everyone else but it seems to go over Mr. Trump’s Elvisique hair like a Frisbee. With the lowest unemployment in 18 years, money in people’s pockets, and political triumphs like North Korea; the American people are getting weary and tuning out the rest of the rhetoric. Try as they may; the Russian “thing” still does not stick, the lady of the night is back on whatever job she is back on; and so on to something new.

The political elite have always underestimated the American people, especially those in Middle America.  Middle America is traditional.  Whatever side of the fence it sits on politically; it sits on the same fence traditionally.  Middle Americans were the FDR Democrats and the Eisenhower Republicans.  Their traditional values include discipline, hard work, church, and family.  They have respect for the flag, the American spirit, and those who serve.  They are the farmers and the coal miners.  They are the “deplorable” who wanted to turn the tide on the far left secular desire where God is fired and vulgarity is hired.  They love traditional American pastimes like baseball and football.  They are the ones who want America to remain the land of the free and home to the second amendment.  For 20 plus years they were politically ignored at the voting booth.  They were the ones who elected Donald Trump; not the foul mouthed narcissist self-embellished man, but the man who promised to bring back traditions, jobs, and take care of them before taking care of anyone else.

While Donald Trump was making sure that Kim Jong Un understood the significance of disarmament and peacefully joining the global community; a has been Hollywood pinhead cursed profusely against the president amid a standing ovation by the rest of the insignificant Hollywood pinheads.  That performance by Robert De Niro was made even more redundant and inane by the obvious success of the US and North Korean summit.  But you would not know it if you had listened to the liberal media like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and their respective insignificant pseudo intellectual pundits. How dare the president cohort with a dictator? Are you for real? Reagan cohorted with Gorbachev to bring down the Soviet Union. Obama danced the tango in Cuba to finally open economic and trade relations. Then we wonder why Middle America has tuned out the mainstream media and  the entertainment and sport industry. Brings to mind Forrest Gump: stupid is as stupid does. The “Trump” continued to win points when  Super Bowl players threw the indignation card on the table and refused to go to the White House.  Without batting an eye; the “Trumpster” turned the occasion into a patriotic fan rally rewarding the fans whose team ignored them like yesterday’s lunch.  Bands played, flags waived, and a feeling of Americana nostalgia swept the crowds away; making the impromptu event more popular than the jerks who stood their fans up.  Another triumph for the underdog.  Another itch under the trump hating crowd’s skin.  Oh what to come up with next?

Donald Trump reminds me of a boomerang; no matter how far you hurl it, it always returns.   But if not careful it might hit you right in the face. He is the enigma of the far left, Democrats, and the “never-Trump” Republicans.  He irks the living daylights out of the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and those who have made it their mission in life to destroy him.  What seems to be overlooked is the level of dislike by those who just a few years ago cozied up to him like a bed bug.  He was the flavor of the month with the Clintons at his wedding, and  in 1999 a darling of Jesse Jackson’s minority causes.  What changed? Politics changed.  Donald Trump never changed.  He was and always will be a boor, a thug, a lout, self-centered, and narcissistic. Donald Trump often says what most of us think. He says it louder and sans filter.  Beneath our indignations are a nod and wink that give his boorish remarks credence.  Let’s face it: most of those fleeing their countries are fleeing s—tholes.  It is logical that no one leaves a great place.  Pretending to be offended by the remark is disingenuous at best.  One should be more offended that we still have s-tholes in this world than with Donald Trump saying the word out loud. Case in point: Haiti was given billions in aid after the 2010 earthquake. Haitians still live in squalor.  Where has all the money gone?  Ask the corrupt Haitian government. And we were offended by calling a spade a spade? Let us not get into illegal immigration; that’s a book on its own!

The Donald Trump enigma has an Alice in Wonderland aura to it. He is the proverbial Mad Tea Hatter. The Trump haters cannot resist following him down the rabbit hole in the hope of finding some dirt. It is amusing watching the uncontrollable hate of this man who only a few years ago was everyone’s darling and the ticket to a successful late night show.  The continual digging and prodding  at an attempt to get rid of him has an almost Orwellian touch to it.  What gruesome tidbit from his past can we dig today?  Could this be the day? Do we feel lucky?  Oh the stress of intolerance.  If we do not get him we can always go after the wife, the kids, the in-laws; wait, does he have a dog?

About the Author
Judith was born in Malta but is also a naturalized American. Former military wife (23 years), married, and currently retired from the financial world as Bank Manager. Spent the last 48 years associated or working for the US forces overseas. Judith has a blog on www.judith60dotcom Judith speaks several languages and is currently learning Hebrew.