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The Truth About Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth

Human Rights Watch organisation is making headlines after Israel expelled its representative in Israel & Palestinian Authority, Omar Shakir, due his support of BDS.

In 2017, Israel passed a law which bans BDS activists from the country, and allows to deport them back to where they came from. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is accused to having ties with Antisemitism and terrorism.

This is the right of every country to deport those who seek its destruction.

Human Rights Watch claims to defend human rights, but if we take a closer look – things look different.

Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch tweeted this:

In other words, he praised Iran’s Supreme leader Khamenei because he chose to struck Saudi Arabia oil facility “only” because there were no civilians there. And you guessed right, there is no mention of the brutal killings of hundreds of civilians during the protests in Iran, where thousands were arrested.

But don’t believe my words, take a look for yourself at Roth’s Twitter feed to understand HRW’s double standards. There are more tweets condemning Israel, a small democracy in the Middle East, than tweets condemning the Iran regime’s treatment of 82 million Iranians.

This hypocrisy is disgusting.

In my opinion, Human Rights Watch should change its name to “No Rights For Israel Watch”.

Roth never miss an opportunity to bash Israel, and said nothing about the Islamic Jihad that fired over 400 rockets at Israeli communities two weeks ago. That’s because when it comes to Human Rights – there is one standard for the world, and a special standard for Israel.

These double standards line up perfectly with the UN Human Rights Council – they are examining Israel with binoculars and turn a blind eye to actual human rights violations.

Israel is a blessing to the world, but treated like a curse by hypocritical organisations like Human Rights Watch.

I hope it will change one day.

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Hananya Naftali is a native born Israeli Jew, IDF reservist and social media influencer. He fought Hamas in the Protective Edge operation, used to live in a community in Samaria and he is popular for his videos about the Middle East conflict.
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