“The Twins”

‪I love being a twin, but after a while it gets old because people stop seeing me, you know? ‬

Sometimes people act like im not my own, individual person.‬

‪”The twins” this how most of the people refer when they see identical twins. ‬
‪Like we’re the same person, some people think that if you have twin, it means that you are the same person. ‬

‪Sorry to break it to you, but only because we have the same facial appearance doesn’t mean we are the same person. ‬
‪we have different personality, different life, different things we hate and love. We are not combined. ‬
‪Don’t refer us like one. ‬

‪Honestly I want to thank my mother, I appreciate her so much, with this expect of being a twin.
she never dressed me and my sister with the same clothes. she never allowed people call us “the twins” only by our names. She knew how important it is, especially to identical twins, to grow up and just feeling special and unique feeling as individuals and not like we are as the same person. ‬

‪Still sometimes I struggle with this..being a twin comes with unique set of challenges.
But it’s also amazing blessing.
there this special bond between us.
knowing there will be always someone by your side that know exactly what’s your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and quirks, just make life a little bit better.‬

‪so yeah this is just something i wanted to share with you. I’ll appreciate your opinions & thoughts via my twitter @amitbmoshe‬

About the Author
Amit Ben Moshe lives in Israel. She recently finished two years service in the Navy and is going to study in Jerusalem soon. Follow Amit on Twitter at @amitbmoshe