The UAE and Israel have done great, now for Britain, France and America

Prior to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Muslims and Jews had almost no problems. The Jews were much more comfortable in Islamic areas, because on the plains of Europe and Russia, they often experienced persecution. The first time Umar bin Khattap entered Jerusalem, in 638, with only an Aslam and a Camel, and succeeded in transferring the power of Jerusalem to the hands of Muslims, at that time Umar refused Saphronius’ request to prohibit Jews from entering the Holly Site.

Umar guaranteed equal rights for all residents of Jerusalem to worship. Apart from refusing to turn the church into a mosque (by choosing the Asr prayer 20 meters outside the church), Umar, with his own hands, cleaned the temple of Solomon, a place of worship for the Jews, which was neglected at that time.

When Saladin (Salah Ed Din) regained Jerusalem from the hands of the crusaders, which for about 90 years controlled Jerusalem after the first Crusades in 1098-1099, Saladin also showed wisdom that was no less amazing. After Balian of Ibelin agreed to surrender on October 2, 1187, Saladin gave the Jerusalem residents the option to stay or leave the city in peace. Even those who wanted to leave the city, including prisoners of war, just pay taxes.

And there were many people and prisoners of war who wanted to get out of Jerusalem who couldn’t afford it, but Saladin, out of his personal pocket, was willing to pay it. Even from many sources, it was said that a non-Muslim Jerusalem resident lost his child. After failing to find him anywhere, another citizen suggested coming to Saladin. “Why don’t you come to Saladin.” And Saladin immediately ordered his men to look for the child until he was found. As a result, the woman praised Saladin as a wise and great Sultan. This story is validly confirmed, both in Europe and in Arabic.

Until Jerusalem fell back into the hands of King Frederick II, through diplomacy, aka without war, for 10 years, during which the agreement period between Al Kamel (Saladin successor to the Ayyubi dynasty) was completed. And Jerusalem returned to the bosom of Muslims. Then in 1258 the Islamic world was shocked by the invasion of Hulagu from Mongolia. Baghdad fell, then continued Damascus, Allepo, and Palestine. The Mamluks who replaced the Ayyubi dynasty came as saviors, under the banner of Sultan Qutuz and under the command of General Baibar (who later became Sultan Qutuz’s successor) won the great war in Ayn Jalut, Palestine, 1260. Scratched Muslims back to their feet in Jerusalem.

In Palestine and Jerusalem, the beating continued to flutter up to the Ottoman caliphate. Throughout that history, Muslims almost never had any significant problems with the Jews. In fact, David Ben Gurion, the declarator of the Independence of Israel, after being deported from Russia, came to Thesaloniki (Thesalonski) in 1911, the magnificent Jewish City under the banner of Ottoman.

Ben Gurion, whose law studies had stopped at Warsaw University, returned to the campus at the University of Istanbul in 1912. When the first world war broke out, 1915, Ben Gurion organized about 40 Jewish students to get involved in helping Ottoman. Then when he was caught, Ben Gurian was exiled to America. There, with a close friend, Ben Gurion toured 35 cities in America, to gather solidarity and volunteers who would support Ottoman. Such is the historical fact.

But with the birth of the Balfour Declaration, one of the two British betrayals of the Arabs, after the tacit agreement between Britain and France in the Sykes-Picot agreement, Britain built a sea of ​​enmity between Jews and Muslims. Britain closed the dark history of the Roman Empire which had hundreds of years of struggle with Muslims, but was always pitied at the end of the Muslim victory.

On the one hand, especially for me, the desire of the Jews to have a state is very understandable. Because throughout history, they never had their own homeland. Percusively, even more than 6 million entered the camp under the Nazi flag. Under the Muslim banner, they were protected, but the Arab world was torn apart by Britain and France in the secret agreement of Sykes Picot. Britain betrayed its promise to Hussein Syarif about an independent Arab and Palestinian entry into it. In Sykes Picot, Britain and France made Palestine an international area under international rule, except for the port of Haiffa.

After Russia left the First World War due to the Communist Revolution in 1917, the revolutionary government chose to apply the secret treaty. Hussein Syarif was angry, why did the levant region (Syria, Lebanon, TransJordan) mandated to France, Mesophotamia for Britain, and Palestine to become an international area. While in the agreement with Hussein Syarif, Britain promised Arab independence, including the Levant region and Palestine. The British only promised a salary for Faisal and his troops after that, then appointed Faisal as a puppet governor in Syria and Abdullah in TransJordan, after Faisal tried to declare Arab independence in Syria and was conquered by France.

So on the one hand, the achievement of the UAE and Israel via the Abraham Accord is to restore the old conditions between Arabs and Israelis, which are peaceful and brothers. With current conditions, only war and mass murder can stop Israel’s breath, and that will not make the world peaceful and is not a viable option for the Arab world to live in peace anymore.

Arabs, like it or not, have to come to terms with the situation. Indeed, his brothers and sisters in Israel must be given the opportunity to return to live side by side with the Muslim world, as before, in an independent country. When Ben Gurion read the 1948 Declaration of Israel’s independence, Ben Gurion used the Declaration of Belfour as its basis. Israel only collected British promises.

Whatever it is today, Arabia must learn to accept it. Arabs no longer need to be hostile to Israel. What the Arab world has to do is charge Britain, France and America, to make up for the remainder they haven’t realized. Namely, encouraging, assisting, fighting for the birth of an independent Palestinian state, like the birth of Israel and releasing Iranian influences in Palestine and the countries around Israel.

Palestine has nothing to do with Iran. Shia Muslims do not recognize Umar bin Khattap as a caliphate and have never celebrated Umar’s victory in Jerusalem. The Fatimid dynasty (Fatimiyah), not recorded in history, took part in seizing Palestine and Jerusalem. Saladin changed Egypt from the Fatimid dynasty to become part of the Abbasid Caliphate, after which he took Jerusalem. Even then, after Reynald the Chattalion’s insignificant provocation.

So, today, the UAE, including MBS, have returned the situation to the previous situation where Muslims and Jews were never in trouble, holding hands each other. Now it is the task of Britain, France and America to return Jerusalem to an international area, a holy area of ​​three religions, and to encourage the formation of an independent Palestinian state, without Iranian interference.

I understand how difficult this is, given the complexity of affairs at Westbank. The settlements of Jews and Palestinians stand randomly so it is very difficult to draw a line. However, establishing an independent Palestinian state is the task of the three imperial states that have corrupted the Middle East. The Abraham Accord is a task that has been fulfilled by the Arab World and Israel, now the next task must be completed by the three Imperial countries. If not, the Middle East will continue to burn.

About the Author
An International Political Economy and Strategic Analyst, A Senior Fellow for Indonesia Strategic and Economic Action Institution