Henry Tobias

The Ultra-Orthodox and Military Service

On Monday, July 1, while Israeli soldiers were dying defending ALL the citizens of Israel, the ultra-Orthodox rabbis had the chutzpah to hold a rally against their flock (of sheep) being drafted for military service.

If Druze citizens of Israel can fight and die for the country, why should the ultra-Orthodox — who count themselves as the true upholders of Halacha and Judaism — be exempt from military service. Giving up one’s life for God is Kiddush Hashem. Although the aim of Jews is to live for Israel, circumstances dictate that many of us are dying for Israel. Is this not Kiddush Hashem?

While the ultra-Orthodox behave so shamelessly, our prime minister sits silent. He should kick those factions out of the Israeli government. The Israeli government, no matter its political composition, should represent ALL Israelis ALL the time.

Shame on Netanyahu! Shame on all the members of the government! Is there no member of the ruling coalition brave enough to speak out? Are they only concerned in keeping their seat in the Knesset? That appears to be the truth.

These four paragraphs are sufficient to convey my disgust with Netanyahu and his government.

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The author is a husband, father and grandfather, writer and editor. He trained as a pharmacist. He has just published his first eclectic anthology of short stories, 'Just for Fun' available on Smashwords, B&N and Amazon and other e-book retailers. Soon in print at CreateSpace. Born in London, raised in South Africa, he has lived in Israel since 1979.