The Unending Quest to Relieve the Pain

It began with a tickle in my throat, a runny nose, and a few sneezes. What started as an innocuous sniffle turned into a full blown cold. I found myself stuck at home, drinking gallons of tea and popping pain relievers like Skittles. I wished so hard for it to just be OVER, to be out of my pain. I had THINGS I wanted to do, work that had to get done, groceries to buy. But my body had other plans.

I was in pain, and all I wanted to do was GET OUT OF IT. I just wanted it to stop, to stop hurting so badly. And this pain somehow felt related to pain I felt in other areas of my life, in non-physical ways. I realized the only way over it is through it. I can’t avoid the pain, I can’t wish it away. I can try as hard as I want to have my situation be different, to have my body react differently or to change things in my life, but in reality, it does nothing but make me frustrated that my desires and reality don’t match up. I have to surrender to the pain, truly and deeply feel it, allow for the discomfort and then be grateful for having it, but also for having it going away. We appreciate the painless moments more because of the moments of pain, and the beautiful contrast it shows us.

I’ve overcome a lot of challenges in my life, and I feel very strongly that our experiences shape our reality. However, our thoughts also shape our reality, and we have infinite amounts of power in this realm that we aren’t even aware we can tap into. Despite the fact that I have never wanted for food or shelter, my experience has been that life is challenging and that the world is an unsafe place. I’ve had to adjust my thoughts in order for my reality to reflect this new way of thinking, creating an easier and more in-the-flow experience. I’ve had to create a safe haven inside myself, find safety with myself, a place I can go when the world feels scary or hard. I’m not perfect and this has not been easy, but committing myself to a life of seeing the good in everything and being aware of my thoughts has changed my life for the better exponentially.

May we all cultivate a safe haven within ourselves, nurturing positive thoughts and creating the reality we desire.

About the Author
Ariella Siegel is a wanderer, traveler, and seeker of truth. She made aliya in July 2015 after completing her Masters in Religious Studies at Florida International University in Miami, FL. She is a writer and social media manager for an incredible company and is currently living in Tel Aviv.