The Unholy Alliance of Religious Zionism, Christian Zionism and Militarized Islam

The deadly political practices and increasing violence of ‘Religious Zionism’ must be brought out into the bright light of day, fully recognized and unconditionally confronted. That Religious Zionism has become mirror of Israel’s hard Right Politics can also no longer be ignored.

Extremist Religious Zionism is the shame of Israel’s hard Right along with the nation’s more broadly based discordant politics, political and electoral strategies.

Just as the neo-fascist ruminations and vitriol by America’s man-child GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is not an aberration but a culmination of the long standing, increasingly immoral and self aggrandizing nature of America’s hard Right politics, the roots of extremist Religious Zionism in Israel have been heavily fertilized by Israel’s long standing and deeply disconnected hard Right politics and electoral machinations.

The Jewish extremists dancing around in the now infamous wedding video are, as Yair Lapid has correctly identified, not ‘wild seeds’ but represent a  predictable progression of Israeli electoral, religious and special interest politics.

The conflicted, sometimes rather detached politics of Israel’s ‘Left’ and peace movements also has – if much less direct –  its own culpability in the rise of extremist Religious Zionism. The best way to confront and change the evolution of behavior like Right wing extremism is in the presentation of coherent, unified, connected and realistically perceived alternatives.

While Israel’s hard Right has practically reveled at every level in its previous relationship with Religious Zionism; that Israel’s ‘non-Right;’ its ‘Left’ and peace movements remain fractured and without a coherent presentable vision of their own has also made a unique contribution to Israel’s current and increasing political destabilization.

Politics matter and the political strategies by and of the Israeli political hard Right have had far more to do with their being able to remain in power and push selective agendas rather than consideration of and to the real long term future of Israel and Israelis.

Those dancing in the video did not evolve to a level of such remarkable and deeply embarrassing violent debasement in a political vacuum. Those in the wedding video are also not the only representatives of extremist Religious Zionism both inside and outside of Israel.

It has been the not always well thought out ruminations of Israel’s hard Right government which has seeded the growth of this cross section of deadly violent; deadly and decidedly anti-Israel Israeli Jewish extremists.

It has been those practices by the Israeli hard political Right that have also helped nurture extremist Religious Zionism which reflect far more of a threat to the current stability and future viability of Israel than the PA, Hamas, Iran and, likely, its regional military enemies combined.

The politics of Israel must change.

Israel must, finally, move beyond its once more relevant tribal and defensive posture and self perceptions.

The Palestinian issue must be mutually resolved; at the least, it must be much more effectively and reasonably managed.

Jewish and non-Jewish sponsors of Religious Zionism alike, both in and outside of Israel, must be called out, directly confronted, their political control and power denied.

The additional, incredible and often more covert influence exerted by the close cousins or Israel’s Religious Zionism; America’s so identified ‘Christian Zionists’ and Messianic movements must also be openly recognized and challenged.

The Israeli Jews who did that wedding dance of death with knives and military issued rifles; similar to Hamas, the PA, members of America’s Christian Zionist and Messianic movements and Daesh alike – however differently motivated – have become unholy allies in a common intent that seeks the destruction of the modern and democratic State of Israel towards their own selective agendas.

American Christian Zionist groups, to notably include John Hagee’s CUFI, have become deeply embedded sponsors of and agitators within Israel’s hard Right government and settler movements. Despite their protestations to the contrary, these organizations are a third point in a larger strategy intended to dissolve the modern State of Israel.

Many of America’s Christian Zionists are far more interested in matching, and triggering, biblical prophecies present in the New Testament’s Book of Revelations than they are in any way ‘friends of Israel (or) Jews’ or working in support of the future of modern Israel. And it seems not exactly a coincidence that Daesh is also actively purusing its own philosophy of Armageddon however more evil and perverted.

Even though Christian Zionism, Israel’s Religious Zionism and militarized Islam to include both Daesh and Hamas all bring with them their own specific motivations and visions, the reality is that they share a common goal towards the dissolution and/or dramatic reorganization of the currently recognized and modern State of Israel.

Each day that those of Israel’s hard Right and broader political leadership fail to to generate and present a simultaneously realistic and working vision for the future of the modern State of Israel gives these opposing forces, both within and external to the modern State of Israel, more time to organize as well as increasing the probability of their ultimate success.

The Israeli government, its political and military leadership and full Israeli electorate alike must finally recognize that so very many of Israel’s settlements, and those built in particular to placate and pander to the framework of Religious Zionism, can no longer be supported, funded, subsidized and grown.

The Israeli government and full electorate alike must finally understand that these same settlements, their related movements and range of sponsors are Israel’s most immediate and deadly threat.

These settlements, their movements, defenders and apologists can no longer be allowed to transfer their burden to Israeli politics and its citizens, onto the Israeli Treasury, on the ability to generate a real and doable vision for the future of Israel or on the IDF to fundamentally protect them from themselves and the rest of Israel, increasingly, from them.

Only those larger, longer established settlements which also have well established, documented and recognized military, strategic and/or specific economic relevance should remain.

The rest need to be cut off and shut down.

About the Author
I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.