Yehuda Patkin

The United Nations has a moral responsibility to get Gazans out of harm’s way

It is very clear that Israel has a responsibility to totally decimate the Hamas terrorist organization so that it cannot continue to carry out its very clearly stated goal of wiping Israel off the map and killing all Jews worldwide. It is also very clear that Hamas’ modus operandi is to use Gazan civilians as human shields by building their infrastructure in and beneath public buildings, hospitals, mosques, and residences. This ensures that when Israel invades Gaza there will be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Gazan civilian deaths. This is in addition to the tremendous death toll that the Israeli army will sustain due to the very well entrenched and ruthless Hamas terrorists.
If the nations that comprise the United Nations truly care about the welfare of Gazan civilians, they have a moral obligation to oversee the Gazan civilian relocation to other countries where they will be spared the suffering and death awaiting them in the coming weeks. The UN is responsible for the horrible slaughter of Israeli civilians, the fate of the Israeli hostages and the suffering, and soon-to-occur deaths, of many more Gazan civilians. The UN, despite constant protests,​ operates 183 UNRWA schools in Gaza that use textbooks and programming that teach hateful anti-Jewish radical Islamic beliefs and encourage and train students to attack and murder Jews. They also coordinate with Gazan terrorists and fund them, allowing them to pursue their heinous goals. In most UN votes, Israel is the country singled out for condemnation, despite it being the victim fighting for the safety of its nation, as any sovereign country has as its right and responsibility.
The resettlement of Gazans in other countries under the auspices of the UN and funded by UN members will give Gazans a better life. They will escape suffering, death, and the oppressive rule of Hamas, allowing them the freedom to determine their own destiny. Without Hamas being totally obliterated, any Gazan population which survives the war will again suffer under a revitalized Hamas rule which will lead them and their children to more suffering and bloodshed.
Israel must not be put again into the situation of needing to use military force to protect itself from a hostile neighbor. Eighteen years ago, Israel disengaged from Gaza allowing it to self-govern. Then, the Gazans voted Hamas into power and we now see the results. The UN has the responsibility to get Gazans out of harm’s way to allow Israel to totally destroy Hamas for the benefit of both Gazans and Israelis.
About the Author
Originally from Philadelphia, PA and making Aliyah to Netanya, Yehuda had operated an HVAC/R contracting company for 31 years.