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This week the United Nations failed to pass a General Assembly resolution designating Hamas a terrorist organization, despite Hamas being designated as such by the United States for 25 years already.

What the United States knows intrinsically and based on the day-to-day terror activities of Hamas, the corrupt and anti-Semitic United Nations fails to acknowledge or, perhaps worse yet, condones.  Even while 87 did vote in favor of the UN resolution this week, still it is incredible that 57 countries voted against it and another 33 abstained thereby defeating the needed two-thirds majority of the 193 member countries.

By now, we should all know that this unscrupulous behavior by the UN is nothing new.  Since 2013 alone, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has condemned the democratic State of Israel in no less than 45 resolutions–that’s an average of nine condemnations per year or one every 1.3 months!  Since 2006, the UNHRC has passed more resolutions against Israel than against all other nations combined!

So who is the UN condemning?

The State of Israel: where democracy lives in the Middle East; where the three major monotheistic world religions reside and worship freely; where 19% are immigrants from Europe and North America and another 9% are from Africa and Asia; where 25% of the Israeli population is expected to be Arab by 2025 and where Muslim Arabs serve in the Israeli Defense Forces; where women serve as fighter pilots; where deserts bloom; where innovations thrive in healthcare, agriculture, technology and more; where the nation ranks 28th in GDP and 9th in global life expectancy; and so much more.

…and who are they condoning?

Hamas: who rule Gaza with an iron fist; where Israel unilaterally disengaged for nothing in return; where corruption is now rampant; where gender-inequality, -violence, and “honor killings” are routine; whose doctrine is for a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River and senior officials call for removing all Jews; where barrages of missiles are routinely shot into civilian centers in Israel and terror tunnels are dug to kill and abduct Israelis;  who murder Israelis in pizzerias, markets, cafes, and on commuter buses.

What has been the result of the UN’s blind eye to anti-Semitism and wink to terrorism?

Over the years we have seen that the terrorism first inflicted against the Holy Land  by radical Islamic terror organizations, like Hamas, eventually comes to the rest of the world.  And so we have seen terror organizations spring up from Al Qaeda to ISIS, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and many more.  We have seen horrific terror attacks from the World Trade Center and Pentagon to the Boston Marathon; from the Marine Barracks in Beirut to the Nightclub in Orlando, and from Paris, Brussels, and Barcelona to Moscow and Mumbai.  And these are just a few examples.

Is the UN living up to its mission? 

According to their charter, the UN is supposed to maintain peace and security and uphold human rights.  However, with the continuing barrage of resolutions (like the Hamas barrage of missiles) against Israel and the denial of Hamas as a terror organization, the UN undoubtedly shows their true colors and it is not pretty.

Where is the UN taking us next? 

As a child, I remember learning that the reward for doing a Mitzvah (commandment or good deed) is another good deed, and the punishment for doing something bad is doing more bad.  Unfortunately, the same is true with the United Nations–where morality is turned upside down. In the world of the UN, those that are supposed to maintain peace and security and uphold human rights instead condone terrorism and deny peace and security to Israel.

With a UN like this, what can we look forward to next in our precious world?

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

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Andy Blumenthal is business and technology leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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