Pinny Arnon

The Unparalleled Revelation of the 7th Day of Passover

The Alter Rebbe referred to the 7th day of Passover as the happiest day of the year because of the unparalleled wisdom and vision that is accessible then.

The first of Passover one week ago marks the day the Israelites left Egypt, and the 7th of Passover is the day the Sea split. The Alter Rebbe teaches that the splitting of the sea reflects an even greater manifestation of God’s infinite light than the influx of energy which breached the limits of Egypt at the start of Passover. The light that we can access on the seventh day is extraordinarily lofty & precious, but it is so sublime & inscrutable that it is beyond the senses of all but the most mystic seers. Yet the teachings of Chassidus make this deepest secret accessible to all of us.

The Sea represents “Malchus of Atzilus,” the barrier between the upper realm where God is completely revealed, and this lower realms where He has hidden Himself in order to allow otherness to exist. If God’s oneness were fully manifest, then it would be impossible for anything other to be, just as there can be no individual flames in the orb of the sun. He therefore “contracted” Himself, so to speak, in order to create a place of darkness where His light was not apparent, and He created a barrier so that His infinite light would not nullify the creation.

On the day the sea was split, God allowed this barrier between the infinite and finite worlds to be momentarily opened so that His infinite light could pour into the darkness and enable His people to “see” all that had been hidden from them until then. When the absolute unity of the universe is revealed, the illusions of limitation, separation, and conflict instantly subside. We access the ecstatic reality that we are all one, and we are all free.

The world desperately needs to understand this fundamental truth. It is our job and mission to make it known.

– Derived from Pnei Hashem, an introduction to the deepest depths of the human experience based on the esoteric teachings of Torah.

About the Author
Pinny Arnon is an award-winning writer in the secular world who was introduced to the wellsprings of Torah as a young adult. After decades of study and frequent interaction with some of the most renowned Rabbis of the generation, Arnon has been encouraged to focus his clear and incisive writing style on the explication of the inner depths of Torah.