Esti Rosen Snukal

The Upside Down Blues

There once was a Place 

All golden and new

Where down became up

And false became true


The trees weren’t greeny

Nor the clouds puffy white

The air was not airy

Something just wasn’t right.


No one knows when it started

Or when it would end,

This upside down madness

That felt like a trend


Night became day and 

Day became night

This upside down Place

Where things weren’t right.


In the upside down Place lived

The Green and the Blue

Who started out friendly

As friendly would do


But then it just happened

Like a raged Hurricane 

A Most- Terrible- Awful

And a tsunami of pain


It thrashed and it boiled 

It reared and it roared

This Most -Terrible- Awful

Would not be ignored.


And it got even badder

Then badder could be

In this upside down Place 

Seems that not all were free.


The Greens screamed and 

They marched

Some by River some by Sea

They threw away the facts

Where facts should all be


The mob got all mobbier

They took to the streets

They shouted in schools

And marched out in fleets


“We want the Blues gone

We don’t care where they’ll go

This upside down Place

Wants you gone, don’t you know?!”


The Blues then got busy

Defending their name

Though some Blues turned

Greeny from Anti- Blue shame.


Some Blues got more Bluish

Than ever before

The Most- Terrible -Awful

Shook them right to their core.


The Blues worked together

In such a short span

Collecting and sending

As only Blues can


Some Blues jumped on planes

To a Major Blue Space

Where being True Blue

Was the point of this Place


And some Blues they stayed put 

To ride out The Wave

“We’ve seen this before..

Greens will start to behave.”


How the story is ending

Is anyone’s guess

It’s so hard to see endings

When all is a mess


If we could just blend

All our brilliant shades of Blue

Upside down might be flipped

For our V’Nahafochu

About the Author
Esti Rosen Snukal is a writer for the Jewish Link of New Jersey. She made Aliya with her husband and four sons on July 12, 2012 to Chashmonayim. Esti is also the adopted mom to a lone soldier from Highland Park NJ and an active volunteer at the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin.
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