Carol Green Ungar
Carol Green Ungar

The US and Afganistan — Future Shock


Everybody from conservative pundits to the Washington Post is angry at US President Joe Biden for his unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan.

With no real justification except centuries-old US isolationism rearing its ugly head, he has abandoned our allies giving way to another terrorist state led by the cruel, primitive Taliban–the most un-WOKE people on the planet.

But enough said about him. What I’d like to reflect on is what this means for us–the Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora on the eve of a new year.

Through this penitential period, religious Jews begin and end each day the 91st psalm with its stirring  phrase “though my father and mother leave me, the Lord will gather me in.”

While Father and mother are traditionally read to mean one’s biological parent I would like to propose a new reading informed by recent events.Dont we, the Jews of Israel and also US Jewry look upon  Uncle Sam as our big Daddy, our collective father?

Here in Israel, most US immigrants run to the embassy as soon their new babies are born to secure precious US passports.—the ultimate security blanket in case something goes radically wrong here, right?

Is that really true?

Our sages teach us to study world events with an eye toward the Jewish people.

The US  pullout from Afganistan is a bold statement of unreliability. Uncle Sam has behaved like a dysfunctional and negligent Dad.

And how about us?

We in Israel depend on US foreign aid. The  US has come through for us most notably during Yom Kippur War when the much-maligned President, Richard Nixon singlehandedly saved Israel with his non stop arms shipments. and during the Gaza War when outgoing President George W. Bush gave us a free hand to  fight our terrorist enemies.

But he was the exception rather than the rule. The list of US Presidents who were less sympathetic to the Jewish State and the Jewish people is very long.

In recent years we’ve experienced, presidents who have forced Israel to withdraw from wars we should have won,   presidents who have choked off growth behind the Green Line in places that are as much our property as Texas is part of the US and, and presidents who have provided financial and military support to our enemies.

This is nothing new. Just look at the US’s atrocious conduct during the holocaust, barring immigrants and refusing to bomb the train tracks leading to Auschwitz.

The US is not our Big Daddy.

The US will abandon us

Without G-ds abiding concern, we can easily find ourselves in the shoes of those poor people in Kabul whose images are now splashed across the internet.

Even with our sovereign state and mightily army, we dare not forget that we are a “nation that dwells alone.” our survival wholly dependent on G-ds loving grace.

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.
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