The Vile, Disgusting, and Offensive Speech about Israel

Donald Trump represents the worst of what America is. He is a demagogue and a narcissist. He is the political personification of your drunk uncle that tells racist jokes on Thanksgiving that are both offensive and kind of funny at the same time. He is America as the angry fat woman riding her Lark motorized scooter through the Walmart aisles.

His speech at AIPAC was the highest level of political pandering. This was Donald Trump’s moment to show that he could transcend his reality show rhetoric and deliver actual policy, as a statesmen. He learned to use the teleprompters and held himself more or less to the script, but like the diet choices of our morbidly obese friend in the Walmart aisle it may have been delicious, satisfying, comforting, but ultimately completely lacking in any actual substance or nutrition.

Donald Trump has no policy ideas. His three point plan on Iran was, ‘we will stand up to ’em’, ‘we will work to dismantle ’em’, and ‘I know how to deal with trouble. Believe me.’

To the shock and horror of the left leaning AIPAC Jewish establishment, Donald Trump’s speech brought the audience to its feet over and over again.

Indeed to this point, having seen post after post bewailing the crowd’s enthusiastic embrace of Donald Trump and dire predictions of us Jews ruing the day that we cheered him, what I have yet to see is a single substantial critique of the content of his actual message.

It wasn’t the content of Trump’s speech that was so offensive to our sensitive ‘Democrat supporting Jewish brethren’, it was the messenger and the enthusiasm with which he was received by their fellow Jews.

Herein lies the disconnect between the American Jewish establishment and actual real support for the Jewish State of Israel.

I have opposed Donald Trump from the beginning of his candidacy.  I have taken the #NeverTrump pledge on my radio show, and if he is indeed the Republican nominee, I will not cast a ballot for him.

I do not support Hillary Clinton, but I have accepted the possibility of another Clinton presidency, and believe it to be more potentially palatable than Donald Trump in the White House Hotel and Casino.

All of that being said, there was not a single word of Donald Trump’s speech to AIPAC which I did not full-heartedly agree with, and although it was presented with his characteristic lack of sophistication, I have yet to find one of his Jewish critics that attacks the actual content of the speech.

What did he say that was either offensive or untrue?

Bernie Sanders on the other hand gave an Israel policy speech as well yesterday. It was vile, disgusting and indeed offensive.

Bernie Sanders has in the past, and continues to morally equate Israel with the savage Islamic terrorists that target Jewish men, women and children for slaughter.

Although Bernie Sanders has acknowledged the right for Israel to exist (how condescending is that?), he has yet to say that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state.

I do not believe that Bernie Sanders believes we have the right to be a Jewish state. We know that many of his supporters do not.

Bernie Sanders has certainly made clear that he does not believe that Jews have a right to live in their ancestral homeland, simply because the morally equivalent Palestinian leadership demand that it be Jew free.

Most offensive though, is Bernie Sander’s suggestion that the Jewish People defend themselves too enthusiastically when Islamic terrorists launch massive attacks against Israeli civilians.

However, let me also be very clear: I – along with many supporters of Israel – spoke out strongly against the Israeli counter attacks that killed nearly 1,500 civilians and wounded thousands more. I condemned the bombing of hospitals, schools and refugee camps.”

This is the most offensive thing I have seen in the entire campaign. Blaming Megyn Kelly’s grilling of Donald Trump on her menstrual cycle does not come anywhere close in my opinion to the morally repugnant suggestion that Israel ‘defended itself too aggressively’ against Hamas in 2014.

For Bernie Sanders to suggest that Israel was to blame for the destruction of schools and hospitals being used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians is disgusting.  To suggest that Israel should have tolerated more dead Jews because of Hamas’s use of human shields should be a campaign ender for any Jewish support.

But of course we know it is not. Bernie Sanders Jewish supporters are in the same bubble that Donald Trump supporters are in. They are willing to ignore the most disgraceful and loathsome opinions and policies of their candidate for what they believe is the greater good. Somewhere along the line, we forgot about the plain old good.

Here is Bernie Sanders Speech on Middle East Policy

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