The Wall that divides Left from Right

The Women of the Wall, who fight for the right of Jewish women to read from a Torah scroll at the Western Wall, are generally considered to be left wing activists and are supported and encouraged by left wing members of Knesset.

If they were to fight for precisely the same right, the right of Jewish women to read from a Torah scroll, on the other side of the Wall, on the Temple Mount, they would be considered right wing extremists!!

Apparently the Western Wall is the wall that divides between Left and Right.

The difference between Left and Right is apparently not in what you are fighting for, but who you are fighting against.

If only those on both sides of the wall could find a way to work together to bring equal rights and religious freedom to all, on both sides of the wall…

About the Author
David Neustadter is a biomedical engineer, CTO of Calore Medical Ltd., and lives in Nof Ayalon.
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