The War on the West explains UN’s obsession with Israel

Douglas Murray. Photo courtesy of Harper Collins

According to Murray’s latest bestseller, the unrelenting assault on Israel, is part of the revolutionaries’ cultural-war on the West at large.

Douglas Murray’s The War on the West is a wake up call to a civilization in peril. The book’s sobering message is clear: “there is a war going on” – a ferocious assault “waged remorselessly against all the roots of Western tradition, and everything good that the Western tradition has produced.”

The War on the West by Douglas Murray

It is unlike previous conflicts where armies clashed and a clear winner was declared, explains Murray, this is a cultural war, fought “across the media and airwaves, throughout the education system from as early as pre school.” 

Our civilization’s enemy is not a menacing foreign army, but self hatred – “people inside the West intent on pulling apart the fabric of our societies, piece by piece.” Self loathing Westerners for whom the colonial, guilty, white West is the problem, and its dismantling the final solution. Woke revolutionaries whose “flat out false” claims against the West have been left unchallenged. This is where Murray comes in. From slavery and reparations, to China, Churchill, math and CRT, one by one the noted commentator debunks the revolutionaries’ mantras, dispelling their myth and leading readers to several game-changing epiphanies.

One particularly striking realization concerns the world’s obsession with the state of Israel. Here, Murray exposes mainstream media’s preoccupation with the Jewish state, and the UN’s grossly disproportionate anti-Israel bias. His solid arguments backed by official statistics and figures, lead readers to the pivotal conclusion that the unrelenting assault on Israel is part of the cultural war on the West at large – it is Israel’s democratic, Judeo-Christian values that mark it as a fair target for the progressive camp.

This reality is poignantly demonstrated by Murray’s detailed account of the UN’s 2001 anti-racism Durban conference. Here, explains Murray, Israel came under such a virulent attack, that some of the Western countries, uncomfortable about the amount of abuse being leveled at the Jewish state, have walked out in protest.

The heavily reported disarray brought to light the Human Rights Council’s twisted system of values, and the questionable human- rights record of some of its member states – within this council, Murray argues, Israel, America, and the European powers are constantly berated for historic crimes by luminaries of human rights such as Iran, Syria and Venezuela. How can states that are oppressing their own citizens be lecturing democratic Israel on human rights matters? asks Murray. More importantly, how can the UN explain passing more resolutions condemning Israel, than North Korea, China and Iran combined?

Murray’s account shows the seemingly anti-racist organization to be a powerful hub for breeding anti-West doctrine. Consider the UN’s gospel-like hold over mainstream media, most notably the BBC, and you begin to recognize the deeply rooted woke UN narrative within mainstream media worldwide. You will also see the great injustice that this narrative has inflicted upon Israel’s reputation over the past seven decades – religiously quoted by the BBC and echoed the world over, it created an image of Israel that is divorced from reality. Not only has the UN failed to block racism and antisemitism’s spread, argues Murray, it’s progressive doctrine and ever present hypocrisy, have in fact added fuel to its fire.

Take for example Karl Marx’s blatant antisemitism, as evidenced through the Leftist idol’s personal correspondence. Time time again Marx makes his revulsion of the Jewish people very clear. One telling quote of many sees Marx write “what is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering, what is his worldly god? Money.”  

Within our double standard culture concludes Murray, a proven radical Left antisemite is allowed to ‘remain on his throne’, but figures on the opposite end of the ideological spectrum, are harassed and cancelled over far lesser misdemeanors.

Through Murray’s insight, readers come to recognize the anti-West narrative within the cultural war against Israel. This pivotal understanding sheds an illuminating light on global politics, society and culture at large. 

Readers reach the conclusion that Israel is targeted largely because it is a Western entity – they can finally see why anti-West protesters burn American and Israeli flags together, why Israel haters are always of the progressive persuasion, and why “some authors refuse to have their books translated to Hebrew, but are thrilled to see them released in China.”

Douglas Murray. Photo courtesy of Harper Collins

This eye opening insight is a huge, game-changing deal coming from this high calibre, universally appreciated commentator. Murray should be commended for bravely highlighting this paradigm-shifting argument in his bestselling title.

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