The wave of Antisemitism has turned into a Tsunami.

“Hitler had an all-powerful ally without whom he could have never succeeded. His ally was the world that chose to remain silent as Germany kept testing the limits of the universal tolerance for its evil actions.”

The silence of today is deafening as the world continues to enable this evil wave of Antisemitism to turn into a tsunami. Today’s Hi tech means that we are all witnesses to this resurgence of Antisemitism. The technology is new, the acts are primitive.
• Woman raped near Paris ‘for being Jewish’.
• Stores owned by Jews, Jewish schools, Jewish community centers, Jewish cemeteries, are being vandalized.
• Jews on their way home from synagogue are being attacked.
• Countries are “recognizing” a Palestinian state and the UN wants Israel to give up any nuclear weapons it might have. All while Iran is continuing to laugh in the face of the same UN.

The difference between then and now:
France’s Jews have had enough / Mor Elzon
Hidden as a child during the Holocaust, Maurice Rapovich has lived all 76 years of his life in France; but now he says the situation is untenable and he is leaving for Israel – and he is far from alone.,7340,L-4599057,00.html

The Knesset is trying to record the words that reflect a reality; Israel is a Jewish State and the only Democracy in the Middle East. Jews in the Diaspora, whether they lobby for Israel or are publically opposing Israel, will always be considered “second class citizens” because no matter what country they live in, they will always be identified as Jews first. An American Jew or Italian Jew or Swiss Jew is an illusion. The Jews who assimilate and keep only American, Italian or Swiss, assimilate only in lifestyle. The community in which they live will still identify them as Jews no matter how tolerant the Jews are of all the customs and rituals of that community.

It was bad enough when the war was taking place this past summer; I had to brace myself for the possibility of responding to a siren and having to take my 95 year old mother who is a Holocaust survivor to the safety room or worse, to get ready to read about the number of causalities that occurred overnight or over Shabbat. Now, I have to be afraid of who was murdered waiting for a bus or shopping in a mall.

As I witness and experience this old and painful cycle of evil that is directed at a group who insists in calling ourselves Jewish, I can’t deny that I am also witnessing and experiencing something new; the miracle of the gathering of Jews from all corners of the earth to a place we can now call home.

About the Author
Bio: Born in Israel, grew up in Montreal, Canada, studied in the States, worked in Toronto, Canada and made Aliyah in 2009. Sara Jacobovici is a 30 year veteran in the health and mental health fields as a Creative Arts Psychotherapist. She lives and works in Ra'anana, Israel. As an expert in the field of non-verbal communication, Sara reconnects individuals with their first language, the creative arts; visual arts, music and movement.