The White House unmasked

People throwing stones at people they don’t like, regardless of time or place, is beneath contempt.

But on Atlantic shores symbolic pebbles have been tossed at the American public in the form of a Labor Dept. report that would have the unemployment rate in the U.S. dipping below eight percent for the first time in eight years.

That’s pretty hard to swallow, but the mainstream media, lazy as ever,  are doing just that, reporting figures from the federal government without bothering to question their accuracy or veracity.

The timing of the Labor Dept. report may have nothing to do with Wednesday’s debate, but there’s no doubt at all that figures may well have been manipulated from on high.

Washington D.C. is a bubble, a city that was always out of touch with where most Americans work, or as the case may be, don’t work. Government workers have no incentive to fact-check their math because they have cushy benefits that the ever growing ranks of the unemployed, thanks in no small part to the arrogant four-year navel-gazing of this White House, can only dream of.

New jobs, really? Where? At Wendy’s?

New York is the real capital of the U.S. What about the thousands of New Yorkers who were laid off when the recession (which never left) first hit, and had to move out of the city? Did they move back? Mostly  no. The streets of Soho and Greenwich Village today are overcrowded with European tourists, not Yankee breadwinners.

And the teeming jobless masses of Riverside County? The ones who don’t bother looking for nonexistent jobs? And what about San Bernardino? You know, Mr. President, the not-so-little California city that filed for bankruptcy the other month while you were dreaming of your next downtown fundraiser with Anna Wintour?

Journalists desperate to hold on to their jobs in a dying industry are big culprits in this grand deception…you don’t have to be an investigative reporter to ask hard questions of your government but who wants to be bothered when the next sound bite is just a headline away?

Spineless journalists, though, aren’t really the issue. Transparency in government should begin at the White House.

It’s not even Halloween yet but world take note, the Washington vibe is already getting scary. The real monster lurks behind the President’s mask: barely concealed, fire-breathing greed.

Coda & Comment: 

As I find Facebook to be a demonstrably repugnant, fire-breathing symbol of American greed and corporate communism,  I reply to Emanuel Shahaf here, because who says I can’t? 

I am a fan of your work and I appreciate your comment. IF I had the proper resources; i.e. any sort of budget at all, I absolutely would investigate this. However, these blog posts do not pay and for me it is more a way to register my response to a given subject, which in this case is the strong appearance of deception.

That said, it’s the first rule of journalism that you don’t trust anyone, least of all the government. All these so-called journalists who idly reprint gov’t stats like it was a press release, and who in the aggregate are doubtless poorly educated, do a disservice to their readers and the American public and ought to be fired.