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The Woke has a bad case of mental diarrhea

How has the value of life dropped further than our credit rating? Who cares about an economic recession, when we are simply receding from humanity. The October 7th terrorist attacks have left us in a state of darkness, but have also clouded our core values.

At the beginning of the week, a man set himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, in protest of the Israel’s war against Hamas. An active member of the US Air Force and just 25 years old, he later died from his injuries.

Also this week, we learned about the latest proposed hostage deal. The plan would agree to release 400 Palestinian prisoners for 40 hostages. With over 130 humans still held captive for over four months, in what is defined as a clear war crime, under unbearable conditions, without proper medical attention from even the Red Cross (supposedly set up to do just this kind of work), we would still only bring home less than one-third of our people.

For me, both these cases illustrate how far we have fallen as humans, society and ultimately our grip on reality. Killing yourself, in a really painful way, is not the best way to do anything, let alone trying to stop a war, thousands of miles away. Releasing prisoners, many of whom are murderers, at a ratio of 1:10, cannot actually make sense to anyone, can it? Remember when we used to say, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”? Now we are willing to sit with Satan at the table and invite his other crappy friends to the meal.

And that is actually what is happening in the real world. Today, I read that France’s president hosted a state dinner in honor of Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Qatar, the country that terrorist Hamas leaders call home. Where the bad guys sit on gold toilets, flushing away Gazans’ humanitarian aid, turning food stamps into shovels. First to dig tunnels, but now to dig their own graves.

Also this week, in Saudi Arabia, a Muslim woman was arrested at Mecca for holding a Palestinian flag. The holiest place for all Muslims did that. Yet American college campuses are littered with Palestinian flags. Even world renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld was heckled by “pro-Palestinian” protesters (in quotes, because I don’t believe they are for Palestinians, but just in support of Hamas), yelling at him for supporting Israel, claiming he too was causing genocide. How’s that for a bad joke?

And while it may make you laugh to hear former prime minister Naftali Bennett call Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, “an idiot,” after he too made the same claims of genocide, I can’t help but cry thinking about what the future looks like for all of us.

Indian guru Sadhguru recently stated that we have “mental diarrhea,” and that “people are not thinking enough.” He went on to say, “There is expression and there is perception,” and then asks, “Which should you invest in more?”

His answer was simple, but I believe it is the moral compass to redirect us back to humanity. Sadhguru responded with, “Right now, everybody’s on an expression binge without perceiving a damn thing.” The guru’s advice is to invest in perception and only then can your expression be valuable.

Today’s Western-world progressive movement has no perception. Those protesting “from the river to the sea” can’t name either. They are expressing their will for a “free Palestine” without the perception of what that actually looks like under the control of terrorists. They claim Israel is committing genocide, but refuse to take into perspective how this war started, with a deadly assault on innocent women, children, and men during a holiday weekend.

The Woke have replaced perception with progression, at any cost. So I ask, where is the value in that? What is the value of life if you are willing to support those that rape it? Murder it? Hold it hostage? Progression has become an obsession with expression and a lack of vision or compassion. Those protesting on college campuses do so with freedom of hate speech. Lost in their visceral TikTok posts, they are no longer explorers on a quest for equality, but find themselves leading a new wave of crusades against Jewish people around the world.

They will never free Palestine, not only because they don’t know where it is on the map, but because they truly don’t care. Without perception, their expression is just a bunch of empty statements. Just bait clicks, not realizing they are the actual bait. And there it is, the loss of humanity, from once being educated to now becoming a school of fish.

Diagnosed with mental diarrhea, I hope there will be a cure to this contagious outbreak. How does one get perspective in a world filled with misinformation, denial and the willingness to give up on your quest for truth?

It used to be that Black Lives Matter, because all lives matter. Today I am not sure if these protesters think anyone’s life matters. It is clear they do not value the life of an Israeli, if they are willing to justify a woman’s rape as resistance. They do not value the life of a Palestinian if they are willing to let a terrorist organization continue to rule over them. They do not value the lives of Jewish people around the world if they are willing to encourage antisemitism and violence.

When we return to humanity, we will value all life. Until then, we will have to self-medicate through this epidemic. It’s a mess. I’m talking about mental diarrhea. Just to be clear. And to be gross. And maybe to make you laugh a little, because perspective needs a sidekick. 

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