The Women’s March Should Have Been About Women

The women’s march was highjacked by pro-Palestinian activists. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this is what happens with all the movements these days but still I am having a really hard time dealing with it emotionally and had to put something down in words.

There are girls in this world who are killed for sitting in school getting an education. Or stolen out of their schools and sold as sex slaves. (Think of your own school-age daughters, can you imagine anything worse)

There are girls who are denied basic education.

There are young girls being forced into marriage with older men.

There are girls being sold all over the world or those who have taken to prostitution as a way of surviving in the streets.

There are women who are not allowed out of their homes without a male escort.

There are women who are not allowed to be seen or heard even in their own homes.

There are women who will be killed or maimed for shaming their families by behaving in ways that we take for granted.

There are women who have to raise their children without the benefit of clean water, proper medical care or  food.

There are women raising their children in worn torn countries.

There are women raising their children in HIV epidemics.

In our own Western world, there are girls being raped by their fathers, brothers, cousins, neighbors…

Women being raped by their husbands, bosses, by their dates. And their are women being blamed for being raped.

There are women being sold and bought.

When women take to the streets to protest, we should be protesting these things. We should be holding up signs that say, Bring Back Our Girls.

We should be supporting movements like Stolen Youth and other such organizations that fight against sexual exploitation of our children and youth.

We should be fighting for our sisters everywhere!

Today’s so called liberals, the ones that take to the streets, that pick up the microphones and fight are so obsessed with the free Palestine movement that they have forgotten everything else. Nothing else matters. Not even the Palestinian women,  who are themselves in danger of being the victims of honor killings and domestic violence. Why couldn’t we march as women for women, women for girls, for the right not to be stolen and sold and raped or killed,  for one day – just for one day –  and leave the trendier movements for tomorrow.

About the Author
Nancy Chayn Fogelman made aliya from the U.S. in 1989 after earning a BA from the University of Michigan. Several years later, she became a board certified lactation consultant and began a private practice and writing about birth and breastfeeding for several websites. Recently she earned her RN and began working in the Maternity Ward of Hadassah Ein Kerem.